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5 revealing signs that you may have fibroids

Dr. O.



Many of us have probably heard the word ‘fibroid’ at least once before, while some people have an idea what this means, others may be totally clueless. Some women that have fibroids may not even be aware that they do. Here is some information about fibroids to help you understand what they are.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus(womb) that usually occur during child bearing years.

They vary in size ranging from sizes as small as an orange seed which may be undetectable to the human eye to sizes as large or larger than an orange itself which disfigure and enlarge the womb and could sometimes be mistaken for pregnancy or weight gain.

Fibroids can either grow slowly or rapidly and it is possible to have multiple fibroids growing in your womb at the same time.

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fibroids may sometimes cause infertility

The cause for fibroids is currently unknown but is thought to be due to certain hormones and genetic changes.

Black women and women with family history of fibroids are at higher risk of having fibroids.

Some classic symptoms of fibroids include:
1. Heavy menstrual periods
2. Prolonged menstrual periods
3. Lower abdominal/Pelvic pain or pressure
4. Constipation or difficulty emptying the
5. Unusual enlargement of the abdomen.

Some women that have fibroids do not experience any symptoms, in this case, treatment may not be necessary. However, for women experiencing symptoms, treatment options such as drugs or surgery are available.


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