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6 Unbelievable ways Staying Happy could improve your health

Dr. Feyi



Are you unhappy? Why?
Is it because of the travails of everyday living? not having enough money to live your dreams? Or state of unwellness? Well, all these external factors will keep blowing your mood helter-skelter only as much as you let them.

The World Happiness Report by the United Nations shows that Nigeria dropped from its 78th position in 2015 to 103 in 2016. Things could get better or worse; we hope for the best and we could try putting in our best in the process.

Scientific studies have noted possible relationships between happiness,laughter and health. Some include :

1) Trigger of endorphins release (body natural feel good chemicals which also help to relieve pain).
2)Longer survival
3)Positive effect on blood sugar levels
4)Increase in the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body
5)Better blood pressure control
6) Boost of sleep, exercise and sexual activity

Harvard study of adult life from 1938 till date shows that important factors that make a good life,keep us healthy and happy are not fame or wealth but Close relationships, Quality(not quantity) of those relationships and Stable, supportive marriages.

So the next time that person annoys you, you feel sick, or are broke ; you could consider keeping a good attitude,a happy thought, a forgiving heart and seeking medical help as soon as possible.

Have a good laugh today, it certainly won’t hurt.
All in all, a happy you is a healthy you!

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Dr. Feyi is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University who is on a mission to render service as a clear channel for God's love. She is an MDCN(Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor. When she is not busy saving lives, you can find her cooking, watching movies or traveling round the world.