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5 simple steps to keep the weight off with ease

Roseline Eyenike



A lot has been said about weightloss and keeping the “kgs” off without its reappearance (it can be frustrating).
Before we proceed on how to keep the weight off, let’s know how it is gained.

A number of issues contribute to weight gain, they are:
Excessive consumption of highly caloric meals
-Post partum weight
(after the birth of a child)
Family planning: this happens to some women when they use contraceptive patches.
Stress & depression: these conditions contribute to weight gain in some people; depressed individuals may resort to bingeing and may develop other emotional eating disorders.
Drug use: there are some drugs or supplements that alter the body through hormonal changes causing the individual to eat more than their daily consumption.

There are more situations that lead to weight gain, feel free to drop a comment below on what led to your weight gain.

The simple steps recommended for weightloss include but are not limited to the list below. There are principles to be adhered to which inform the change you seek.
A quote that rings in my head most times is; “if it doesn’t challenge you,it won’t change you.”
This is so true,the journey to weightloss isn’t all rosy. There are days of the roller coaster ride, throwing in the towel and nights of waiting forever to achieve your goals. In all of these, what distinguishes the fat torchers from fat absorbers is the fight not to QUIT. It wasn’t promised that the journey will be easy but at the end,you’ll look back, beam with a smile and say it was worth it.

Oh no!how I moved from sharing my recommended steps for weightloss, they are:
Nutrition: what you take in reflects a great deal externally. Watch what you consume 100% of your day and ensure that you practice portion control.
Exercise: This must not entail the beast mode of spending 2hours in the gym but a 30 minute power walk or 10 minutes using the jump rope would break it for you. You’re what you consistently do!
Accountable partner: Friends make the journey interesting, when you go the Mile together, sharing the groans, tears, laughter and above all getting RESULTS.
Drink water: This is the best solvent that has no rival. It cleanses your system off all toxins and keeps you looking young with glowing skin. It is advised to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday.

Now that you’ve learnt five new steps for weightloss, make them habits from today.

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Roseline Examine (BSc.) is a graduate of the University of Lagos who studied Microbiology. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Institute of Strategic Management. Her mission is to utilise all her innate abilities to identify, inspire, and influence people and the world. She is a fitness junkie who has done a lot of personal research on fitness including regularly attending various fitness seminars organised by institutes such as the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals on Nutrition. When she's not busy keeping fit, she spends her time traveling and reading self help resources. You can catch up with her via her various social media handles: Instagram: @tusheloho Twitter: @reloho_1