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More reasons to say NO to Body Shaming

Roseline Eyenike



Body Shaming is an act of passing distasteful remarks about how a person’s body looks. This could be self inflicting (when you criticise YOURSELF) or third party (when others criticise YOU)

Rae Smith put it succintly; “There is nothing wrong with your body, but there is a lot wrong with the messages which try to convince you otherwise.”

This holds true and I have noticed that a number of people tend to second guess themselves by believing the messages of the “body shamer”.

Body shamers exist all around us and throw words such as: fat like a pig, thin as a worm, thick as a forest, the list is endless. They forget that these words pierce into the innermost part of the person being shamed.
Some months back, a popular actor got a word attack from fans around the social space that took the intervention of her colleague to clapback at the shamers.

According to psychologists, research shows that body shaming never motivates people to either gain or lose weight (skinny or fat shamed).

For those on the big side, they hit an all time low as they slip into depression and emotional eating while the skinny termed anorexic go on a spree to purchase fatty meals or vitamins to put up on a bit of flesh.
Body shamers have no idea what a person either overweight or skinny goes through as they only scratch the surface.

As a body shamer, identify your problem and find solutions to it. The effect of your act has a direct impact on the self esteem of others, leading to psychological trauma in some cases.
To all those that have been body shamed directly or indirectly (I’m also speaking to myself), let these words guide you; “Your weight could fluctuate up or down the scale, shift in dress or suit sizes but always remember that it shouldn’t dictate your day, rather feel good about yourself.”

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Roseline Examine (BSc.) is a graduate of the University of Lagos who studied Microbiology. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Institute of Strategic Management. Her mission is to utilise all her innate abilities to identify, inspire, and influence people and the world. She is a fitness junkie who has done a lot of personal research on fitness including regularly attending various fitness seminars organised by institutes such as the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals on Nutrition. When she's not busy keeping fit, she spends her time traveling and reading self help resources. You can catch up with her via her various social media handles: Instagram: @tusheloho Twitter: @reloho_1