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How Malaria led me to my soulmate 3

Dr. O.




continued from episode 2.

The next day Wendy could not get Dami off her mind, she kept thinking of him the whole day and she concluded that it was rather strange because she had never felt this way before, she had attended to many good looking and interesting patients in the past but for some bizarre reason she just couldn’t forget this one. She was a little disappointed when she got to know later that afternoon that he had been discharged home as he was feeling much better.


“Do you think I did the right thing?” She asked whining on the phone to her friend Yemi, “I’ve told you before your shakara is too much” Yemi scolded “when you saw fine boy and refused to give him your number, what do you now want me to do?” “But,I couldn’t, it just didn’t feel right “Wendy whined on,”ehen? If it didn’t feel right, why are you now disturbing me?”she said “I don’t know, I guess if God wants me to meet him, I’ll probably bump into him somewhere “she said consoling herself. The following day Dami came looking for her, he asked at the reception desk but no one seemed to know where to find her, “someone was here to look for you earlier ” the lady at the reception desk told her later that day when she came down “who was it?” She asked secretly hoping it was Dami, “some guy like that, I think he had surgery last month,” the lady said misinforming her, “that’s strange,I don’t know anyone like that ” she said walking away disappointedly.

Two days after he had been discharged, Dami visited the hospital again to look for Wendy, he had made up his mind to get her number even if it meant paying someone at the hospital to get it for him, he also made sure to drag his good friend Bobo along with him for moral support. This time luckily, he met someone at the reception desk who knew exactly where to find her and directed him right away, “just go up to the 4th floor and ask around, you should be able to find her there,” “thanks” he said as he made his way up the stairs with Bobo determined not to leave till he got what he came for.


Meanwhile, Wendy who was having a pretty calm day was sitting at the nurses station with one of her colleagues doing some paper work, when she heard a deep voice ask” Hello, I’m looking for Dr Oni, could you tell me where to find her?” “That’s me” she thought looking up to see who it was, she was shocked to see Dami standing there at the nurses station, “what’s he doing here?” She thought looking very surprised, she immediately got up,walked towards him and dragged him to a corner before one of the nosy nurses started to pry, Bobo who was a popular jingo had spotted Wendy’s colleague who was an old classmate of his and was chatting away.

“What are you doing here?” Wendy asked when they were safely tucked away from the prying eyes of the nurses. “I came to see you” he replied smiling, Wendy couldn’t help but notice his warm smile, she suddenly realised how happy she was to see him but kept her cool, “me? Why did you come to see me?” She asked, “The last time I was here, you refused to give me your number because you said I was your patient” he said shrugging his shoulders, “well technically, I’m not your patient now, so can I have your number?” He said still smiling. “You mean you came here today just so you could get my number?” She asked starting to blush “absolutely ” he said nodding his head, “so can I have it?”

Wendy had been chased in the past by many different guys in all kind of ways imaginable but none of them swept her off her feet the way Dami did, there was no way she was letting him go without giving him her number, “okay” she said trying to hide her excitement as as she horridly scribbled her number on a piece of paper and handed it to him, “I have to get back to work now” she said making her way back, “when should I call you?” He called out as she rushed off, “call me at 9pm” she said “I won’t be free before then.” The rest of the day went by really slow for Wendy, 9pm couldn’t come soon enough, she almost spanked herself for not staying by her phone by 9pm after she missed his calls but thankfully he called back soon enough and they got talking endlessly for hours, there was never a dull moment in their conversation that night, by the end of the conversation.


Dami could not believe he had spent that long talking with a lady especially about stuff that had nothing to do with work, he had made his intentions about wanting to be much more than friends known to her immediately and Wendy was so shocked and at the same time impressed about how sure he was of what he wanted, he seemed to be just the perfect guy she had been waiting for, they had arranged to go on a date that weekend, one thing led to another and in no time they became an item. “What are the odds? Wendy asked Yemi when she told her the whole story later “I always imagined I would meet the man of my dreams at a wedding party,church,or something, till I got my surprise package delivered to me right there in the hospital,” she said smiling. “Thank you Malaria for bringing my Prince Charming to me!”

Hope you’re convinced now that love can find you in the strangest of places, you never know where or when you’re going to meet your dream partner so keep smiling, you don’t know who’s watching.Where and how did you meet your current partner?


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