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Office romance palava 2: A tragic story on ectopic pregnancy

Dr. O.




continued from episode 1

“Stay away!” Olamide shouted moving away from her. “Go for it”, his co-worker, Seyi’s voice nudeechoed in his head, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
“NOOO” he shouted, shaking his head and tugging at the door handle like his life depended on it. By now, Lara who was already standing behind him began to kiss his neck. “Stop” he said, in a not so convincing tone. “Hmm I can see you want me too”, Lara said noticing the sudden bulge in his trousers.
“Oh God! What am I going to do? I can’t take this anymore”, Olamide thought as he eventually gave in to his hormones and reciprocated Lara’s kiss with an even more passionate one.
Minutes into their passionate embrace, his phone suddenly began to ring. Lara grabbed the phone, switched it off and threw it aside just as Olamide attempted to pick the call. “You shouldn’t have done that”, Olamide said panicking. “That could be my wife calling”, he complained.
“I don’t care! You are mine now”, Lara said as she pushed him back on the sofa and gave him a lingering kiss that sent chills down his spine. “I guess she can wait”, Olamide thought to himself as he wrapped his arms tightly around Lara’s waist.

Few hours later, Olamide returned home to his apartment, “I can’t believe I just did that”, he berated himself while climbing up the stairs. “ I’ve never cheated on my wife”, he thought as an overwhelming feeling of guilt came upon him. “What am I going to tell her now?”
He was surprised to meet the front door wide open as he reached the top of the stairs. “That’s strange”, he thought with a puzzled frown. “ What on earth is going on here?”
He walked into the living room and called out to his wife, “Honey, I’m, home”. There was no response. He checked the bedroom, she was not there, he checked the kitchen, all he saw were pots and pans lying in their gleaming splendour on the kitchen counter, no Tomi. In a panicked frenzy, he flung the door to the guest room open, still no sign of her. “ I hope nothing has happened to her “ he said to himself speeding down the staircase. He ran outside and looked round the compound, her car was still parked in its usual spot, “ where on earth could she be?” he said thinking out loud.
He picked up his phone to dial his mother-in-law who finally picked her phone after several rings, he could hear wailing and shouting from the other end; “Olamide where were you?” she screamed in an anguished voice. “ Where were you when my daughter needed you?”
With a thudding heart and trembling hands, Olamide replied, “I don’t understand, what is going on ma ?”
“You’ve killed my daughter for me”, she screamed at him. “You are speaking in parables mama”, Olamide replied in confusion,“ what exactly are you saying?”
“Parables ehn?” Mama Tomi hissed, “ your wife is dead!”
“Oh my God!” Olamide shouted as the phone dropped from his hands, “It can’t be true”. In a state of denial, he picked up the pieces of his phone, “my wife was okay this morning, she can’t possibly die like that”…

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Dr.O is a graduate of the University of Szeged in Hungary who is on a mission to reduce the mortality rate in our society by creating awareness about preventable and non-preventable diseases and empowering people with the necessary knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health. was co-founded by her as a means to fulfilling this mission. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) and Hungarian Medical Chamber certified doctor. When she is not busy looking for ways to make a difference in her environment, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or touring the world.