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10 factors that could cause premature ejaculation

Dr. O.



Premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates too quickly, usually sooner than he or his partner would want during sexual intercourse.
Many men experience this problem regularly and find themselves shying away from sexual intercourse for fear of embarrassment or disappointing their partners. It is normal for men to experience premature ejaculation once in a while but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it may be necessary to seek medical help.


Now to answer the big question on every man’s minds, what is the cause of premature ejaculation?
There are a variety of factors that could cause it, they are divided into 2 categories:
Physical factors

-Psychological factors




Physical factors are those factors affecting the biological functions of the body, they include factors that are involved in the process of having sexual intercourse from achieving an erection to ejaculation.
Some of them are:
1. Thyroid problems
2. Infections in the prostrate or urethra
3. Abnormal hormone levels
4. Abnormalities in the ejaculatory system




Psychological factors are factors involving the mind,they include:
5. Stress
6. Depression
7. Anxiety
8. Recurrent memories of past traumatic sexual experiences
9. Fear of sexual failure
10.Relationship problems.

If you’re a man experiencing premature ejaculation, it’s not the end of the world, we will be discussing some things you can do to last longer in bed in subsequent articles.

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