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Overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts with Tee Billz as a case study

Dr Freeman Osonuga



Social media and in fact, the entertainment circle in Nigeria was thrown into some frenzy some months ago when artiste manager extraordinaire, Tunji Balogun popularly called Teebillz, took to Instagram to make some strong allegations against his wife and Mavin crew superstar, Tiwa Savage.
Among other things, he made posts on the microblogging site that were suicidal in nature. Few hours later, Nigeria’s leading gossip site, reported that Teebillz attempted to jump off the Lekki Bridge in a bid to take his own life. This attempted suicide was later confirmed by Tiwa Savage in a ‘Tell It All’ interview with Azuka Ogujuiba.
Every year, about 40 percent of the general populace experience some severe feelings of depression, unhappiness and disappointment but only 20 percent out of these actually meet the criteria for clinical depression in which professional medical attention will be required. In clinical depression, there is low mood, sleep difficulty, change in appetite, and feeling of hopelessness, pessimism or suicidal thoughts.
Importantly, People with depression usually have:
-loss of interest or pleasure in daily life with a state of dissatisfaction,
-poor appetite with weight loss though sometimes this could be increased appetite,
-poor sleep and wake early with diurnal mood variation which is worse in the morning,
-reduced sexual drive,
-reduced ability to concentrate,
-slow or sluggish thought processes,
-feelings of being worthless, or guilt or self-reproach,
-recurrent thoughts of death and suicide or suicidal attempts,
People with these signs and symptoms will benefit immensely from professional medical attention.
A curious mind might want to know why people get depressed. There are many causes but in about 60 percent of cases, stressful life events like giving birth, loss of employment or source of livelihood, illness, divorce or heartbreak from failed relationships have been found to be a cause.
People with all forms of depression will benefit adequately from moral support whereby they have people around them to encourage them with positive words because negative thoughts is what brings about negative feelings, so when we change how people think about themselves with positive thoughts and words they feel much better about themselves.
In recent time, there has been more reported cases of people committing or attempting suicide. This is usually due to failures from exams, business collapse or after being jilted by their lovers but if we all look out more for our friends, colleagues and families when they are showing some of the signs detailed above and we take time out of our busy schedules to talk and encourage them with positive words and thoughts. We would definitely save more lives from depression and suicide.


Stay healthy and be safe!

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Dr Freeman Osonuga is a multi-award winning Humanitarian, Social Enterprise Consultant, International Public Speaker and Medical Professional. An Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, a One Young World Ambassador, a WIRED 2015 Innovation Fellow, 2014 TIME Magazine Person of the Year and One of the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Nigeria. He is also a recipient of Meritorious Service Award from President Bai Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone and One of the Fabulous and Inspiring People of Colour of the Year 2015. Dr Freeman advocates for health care services to be fully accessible and affordable by all. He can be reached on the following social media platforms. Instagram: freemanosonuga, Twitter: @freeman_osonuga, Facebook: Freeman Osonuga, Website: