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7 drinks to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight

Roseline Eyenike



It is no longer news why some people ponder about the extra kgs on the scale since they rarely consume solid meals. Well, to burst their bubbles, liquid meals are a contributing factor to weight gain. Both solid and liquid meals contain calories.

There are calories in the content of that favourite bottle of yours. Watch your consumption!

Calorie is not the enemy rather how it is consumed is the ENEMY. Essential calories are needed to fuel the body as energy to drive daily activities.

Statistics have it that most people consume more calories from a bottle which includes: 1.fizzy drinks




5.fruit juices

6.smoothies latte and the list goes on.

These drinks should be avoided in people who are trying to burn calories.
The average 12 ounces (appro. 35cl) of soda contains about 140-160 calories. Beer contains about 95-250 calories which is dependent on its lightness. Smoothies between 50-450 calories dependent on the fruit mix. These liquids (soda & beer) contain more carbohydrates with no fibre.

The New York City Board of Health observed the rate of obesity and suggested the ban of sugary drinks that weighed more than 47cl and this sparked a huge debate in the state.
I have observed that it is not the size of the bottle as some sodas contain more calories.

It is advised that the nutritional value of soda and other liquid meals are considered. Quality over quantity should play supreme in your choice.

Healthy substitutes to avoid increase in your waistline that could result to the beer belly are water, tea , infused water (flavoured with fruits), freshly squeezed fruit juices and vegetable smoothies -go green.

“As much as you can eat healthy, it is also important to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.”Kristen Chenoweth

Your choices are a reflection on how your body looks. Do not leave it to chance.

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Roseline Examine (BSc.) is a graduate of the University of Lagos who studied Microbiology. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Institute of Strategic Management. Her mission is to utilise all her innate abilities to identify, inspire, and influence people and the world. She is a fitness junkie who has done a lot of personal research on fitness including regularly attending various fitness seminars organised by institutes such as the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals on Nutrition. When she's not busy keeping fit, she spends her time traveling and reading self help resources. You can catch up with her via her various social media handles: Instagram: @tusheloho Twitter: @reloho_1

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