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WHY WE HATE THEM 2: A battle of the sexes with health facts in between

Dr. O.



…..Continued from episode 1.
Specimen 1 is my Dad, he’s been married to my mum for over 38 years. They met each other in college and have been inseparable since then. Their marriage was the kind that every young couple aspired to have when they became old; my dad always treated mum like she was the only woman in the world, you could tell she was the queen of his heart. I always prayed to have a husband just like him until 3 years ago when I found out he’d been cheating on my mum for the past 10 years. Mum had tried her best to hide it from us so we wouldn’t disrespect him, but in recent times, they’ve had some really heated arguments. The day Dad didn’t spend the night at home was when I realised things had gotten really bad and decided to sit mum down for a heart-to-heart talk; being the only girl, mum and I are really close but before then, we’d never really talked about her and dad. For the first time in my life, I saw my mum sobbing as she opened up to me.

Apparently the problems in their marriage started after dad started making a whole lot of money from the business a friend introduced him to about 10 years earlier, at that time we had all been so happy when the business became successful because our lives changed for the better. We moved to a beautiful house on the island and dad got new cars for everyone of us, even my eldest brother that now lives on his own wasn’t exempted from the car bonanza.
Mum confessed that she still holds herself back from cursing the day dad started his new business till today because that was when their marriage began to get sour. It started from him becoming friends with business moguls that hung out at bars almost every night to getting more attention from women especially younger ones who he didn’t know how to handle. Eventually he fell into temptation and hasn’t looked back since then. His wife of many years that helped him grow from grass to grace was no longer beautiful and sexy enough in his eyes. He had forgotten so soon how she stood by him throughout the period he was in pain because of osteoarthritis and how she encouraged and stayed with him when he was hospitalized for his joint replacement surgery. I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about osteoarthritis, it is a long term condition that affects the joints and makes them stiff, painful and sometimes swollen, it is usually caused by wear and tear damage in the joint cartilages and is more common among older individuals. Joint replacement surgery is recommended sometimes when the condition gets really bad.

Although, my Dad had been nothing but a darling when it came to me, I couldn’t help but detest him for how he made mum feel. Mum’s confession has prompted me to dig deeper into why a man that loved his wife so much would suddenly change his attitude towards her. How is it possible that a man that never cheated on his wife once in their marriage suddenly begins to change girls like clothes about 20 years down the lane? I guess we’ll find out together as the story continues.

For now, let’s move to specimen 2, He’s my eldest brother Steven, the complete opposite of my Dad, he doesn’t have time for women and sees them as a distraction.
Steven is a very handsome young man, he’s the tall sexy guy with the six pack and muscular arms that every woman wants to date. A lot of girls literally worship the ground that he walks on and at the sound of his deep sexy voice, they begin to melt.

He might be my brother but this is not hype, it’s fact! I’ve witnessed it first hand.
So many girls have even tried to be friends with me just so I could put in a good word for them; sometimes I even receive a few random gifts which I collect with joy since I consider them to be harmless.

Unfortunately, Steven stays unmoved by any of their advances, he’s not even thinking of settling down anytime soon.

The only thing he cares about is his business, that’s his first love.


Since he started his company 5 years ago that’s all he ever thinks about, the good news is that the company is doing quite well.

He moved into his own apartment about a year after he started the company and ever since then, we hardly see him at home; I always try to visit him once a week so I can cook some decent meals for him, since he doesn’t allow any other woman to do that. What can I say? I’m his only sister so I guess it’s my duty.

One day, I was at his place for my usual cooking ritual when the door bell rang, I was busy in the kitchen so he went to get the door himself, you wouldn’t believe it was his Personal Assistant that had come over to seduce him. It cane as a huge shock because Steven never shared personal details like his home address with any of his staff members, it was a policy he strictly adhered to. His PA had somehow managed to steal his details since she was the staff member that worked closest to him and had decided to pay him a “friendly” visit thinking he’d be much less rigid outside the office.Unfortunately for her, she was so wrong, in fact I think she made the biggest mistake of her career in his organisation with that move.


I was still busy stirring the egusi soup I was cooking when I heard Steven shouting “what the hell are you doing in my house? How did you find this place?”, his shouting was followed immediately by a female voice saying , “calm down, I just came to check on you, I won’t be long”, all her explanations seem to fall on deaf ears as Steven continued shouting, ” who gave you the right to come to my house?” he shouted, I was still waiting to hear her response when I saw a slim lady wearing denim bum shorts and a top with a low-neck line run into the house, I have no idea how she was able to get past Steven, but next thing I know she was getting naked as Steven ran into the house after her, you could tell he was shocked at what was going on. Ladies and Gentlemen, the hustle is real!

I honestly don’t know what she was hoping to achieve from her actions but my babe was going for the kill. She was so bent on her mission that she didn’t even notice there was another woman in Steven’s kitchen already preparing food for him. That is how all these girls go about breaking homes in the name of chasing man, if I wasn’t his sister, I might have started to think she was one of his girlfriends or something. To cut the long story short, it was not easy getting her out that day, as a matter of fact, when she finally noticed me, she wanted to start fighting physical thinking I was competition. Even if I was going to even pity her and plead her case before Steven, she totally messed it up. I definitely don’t want that kind of “area mama” as an in- law.

I don’t need to tell you that she was sacked on the spot, after we were finally able to get her out. The security guard also got the scolding of his life for letting her in without confirmation. That’s just one of the many scenes I’ve witnessed were girls go all out to get him, he’s even told me of times when ladies have tried to seduce him in his office while he was conducting job interviews on them. Believe it or not, my brother has never fallen into temptation once and yet he has the same hormones that all these other men claim make them cheat. That’s why I’ve decided to make him one of my specimen, I need to find out what it is that makes him able to resist all these female advances that other men find so difficult to resist and before you start jumping into any conclusions, he’s not gay!

I’m sure you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it all; this is just the beginning, wait till you here about Specimen 3 and 4…..

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