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5 reasons why water should be your best drink

Roseline Eyenike



According to the European Food Safety Authority, water is a carrier of nutritional elements such as sodium, calcium,iodine, selenium and vitamins required for the proper functioning of the human body. Water is the best solvent that man can consume as it quenches one’s thirst as compared to other liquids.

In Nigeria, with reference to the great Afrobeat’s maestro, Fela; water has no ENEMY! Its functionality cuts across a wide spectrum from the transportation of nutrients to cells, cleansing of toxins, circulation of glucose to the brain and regulating the human body temperature. Indeed!water has more friends than enemies.

The human body consists of at least 75 percent water and it is excreted in various forms as sweat, urine, tears, saliva. The most water output from the body occurs more with sweat and urine although it is dependent on some factors. Loss of water through sweating can be likened to the type of physical activity, clothes worn , temperature of the day, type of food (especially meals that contain extra chilli) that an average individual engages in during a 24 hour period.
Excretion of water via urination can be attributed to an individual’s fluid intake, weather of the day and meals consumed. Water from fluid intake ranges between 70 – 80 percent and food, 20 – 30 percent in the human body.

An average adult is advised to drink at least 8 -10 glasses of water in a day though the body weight of the individual also plays a role in the amount of water to be consumed in a day. As learnt from the CEO, Zesty Juice (Daba Ibiama), to calculate the amount of water for your bodyweight; multiply by weight in kilogrammes by 0.033 ;The amount arrived at should be taken all through the day.

The loss of water in the human body leads to dehydration and could be caused by excess vomitting, diarhoea, hot climatic conditions. This is harmful as the individual becomes faint and experiences blurred vision; if unattended to, it can lead to death.

Once, the desire to drink water occurs, you must hydrate your body.

This month I decided to do a no soda challenge and consume the appropriate amount for my body. The results achieved are as follows,

1. My dry scaly skin appears better as the water aided to moisturize my skin.
2. My bowel movement has been on point.
3. It cleared the breakout on my face.
4. Slight pains around my knee have become a thing of the past.
5. I feel light and happy.

Also, I recommend that water should be taken when you experience a headache over pills in the early stages but if pain persists, consult your doctor before taking aspirin.

Would you like to experience the goodness of water? Challenge yourself to a 7-day water challenge and stay clear of sodas, packed juices, sweetened yoghurt and alcohol.

Share your results in the comment box.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

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Roseline Examine (BSc.) is a graduate of the University of Lagos who studied Microbiology. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Institute of Strategic Management. Her mission is to utilise all her innate abilities to identify, inspire, and influence people and the world. She is a fitness junkie who has done a lot of personal research on fitness including regularly attending various fitness seminars organised by institutes such as the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals on Nutrition. When she's not busy keeping fit, she spends her time traveling and reading self help resources. You can catch up with her via her various social media handles: Instagram: @tusheloho Twitter: @reloho_1

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