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Old enough yet unmarried 3: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.




Continued from episode 2.

It’s a few days to Valentines and I already know 2 people are going to be roasting like me, I’m talking about Oby and Charly of course.

I still can’t get over what Yemi just told me, maybe if I tell you Charly’s story you’ll understand why I’m so emotional about it.

Charly met Moyo about 3 years ago when she just got the job at the oil company, at the time Moyo was jobless, he lost his job at the bank when his unit was implicated in a fraud scandal. That was when he discovered he was hypertensive.


Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure, it is a long-term medical condition in which the pressure of blood in blood vessels called arteries which carry blood to the various organs in the body is persistently high.
It can be caused by underlying medical conditions .eg. kidney problems or thyroid problems, taking certain types of Oral contraceptives and alcohol abuse,this type of hypertension is called secondary hypertension because it has an underlying cause.

The other type of hypertension has no underlying cause, it develops gradually over time,it is called primary/essential hypertension and is the most common type seen in most people.

Moyo had the primary type of hypertension and at the time he was not experiencing any symptoms,it was just discovered by chance at the hospital when he went there to complain about something else. The truth is most people with hypertension might not experience any symptoms initially till it becomes really bad, that’s why its called the “Silent Killer” and that’s also why going for regular medical check-up is advised.

Like I said before, I still don’t understand how Moyo stole Charly’s heart because usually she’d never even date a guy with no job,he was so broke that he couldn’t even afford to buy himself an ordinary toothbrush but Charly didn’t mind, she was too in love with him, she paid all his bills including his house rent, eventually he had to move in with her when they realised it was more economical. She even went out of her way to enroll him in a gym and prepare him low salt diets to help improve his blood pressure, before we knew it she was pregnant for him, she had initially planned to terminate the pregnancy but Moyo begged her to keep it with promises of marriage, he even gave her a promise ring to show that he was serious, of course that further motivated her, she used her connections in the oil company to get him the job he now has, two years and a child later, Moyo is getting married to someone else. Now tell me why I won’t want to remain single after hearing all these?


Yemi and I later decided to invite Charly over for lunch after church the next day and carefully break the news to her when she was in a relaxed mood.

Whoever came up with the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” must have been a very wise man because I still can’t get over how Charly reacted to the news, all I can say is thank God she doesn’t own a gun. She totally flared up when Yemi told her and started breaking things,even I became scared, I started to wish we had chosen to tell her at her own place instead, maybe she’d have broken less items.

After what seemed like forever, we were able to calm her down, she demanded to see the wedding website, we made sure to use her own phone to open the website just incase she decided to fling it afterwards. Surprisingly, when she saw the picture she was more shocked than angry, she just sat there staring at the phone with tears in her eyes, “are you okay?” I asked putting my arms around her shoulders, “Moyo’s secretary” she replied, “what about her?” I asked, “that’s Moyo’s secretary” she said pointing to the picture on the website, “she resigned 6 months ago, the devil ! she’s behind everything” she said wiping her tears and getting up from the sofa, “where are you going?” Yemi asked when Charly picked up her bag and headed for the door, ” I’m going to the fool’s place, somebody is surely going to get hurt and it won’t be me” she said storming out and slamming the door behind her.

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