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Old enough yet unmarried 6: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.



Continued from episode 5.

As I approached the rooms the screaming got louder, by this time it was obvious it was coming from our room, I quickly pushed the door open and was shocked to see Oby lying on the floor jerking uncontrollably, she was having a seizure,Charly was busy screaming and jumping around her, she did nothing to help because she was too afraid to touch her,you’d think that at least she’d try to call for help instead of acting like she was in one of those village scenes from a nollywood movie but I guess seeing Oby like that was traumatizing for her, she was totally clueless on what to do.

I think it’s important I mention at this time that epilepsy is not contagious, I’ve heard so many ridiculous stories like “you can catch epilepsy from someone that has it if their saliva touches you”, I don’t even know where people get these crazy ideas.


If someone around you is epileptic and is having a seizure, try to move objects that can cause injury away .eg. Sharp or hot objects , cushion the person’s head with a pillow if they are on the ground, loosen any tight clothing around the person’s ties to help them breathe better and please do not put any in their mouths because this may cause more harm.

Seconds later, the seizures stopped,Oby felt really weak and tired but she was conscious, the seizure lasted only less than 5 minutes according to Charly and since she was a known epileptic,we didn’t need to rush her to the hospital, my guess is she must have forgotten to take her anti- seizure drugs, I made a mental note to remind her to take them as soon as she could.

We were scheduled to attend a beachside cocktail dinner later that evening, we were pretty much excited and were gisting away as we got dressed, Oby was feeling much better by this time and of course I made sure she took her drugs.

We gisted about everything from clothes to make up to gossiping about some of our mutual friends, that was when Jumai’s gist came up, Jumai and Abdul had been married for 5years now without a child yet they were the happiest couple I’d met,I don’t think there was ever a time I saw them argue, Jumai always gushed about how lucky she was to be married to him, well if my husband changed my car and wardrobe for me every year like Abdul did for Jumai, I’d gush about it too. The truth is Abdul even does way more than that, he buys her designer clothes and shoes and takes her on trips abroad at least once a year, I have to admit the guy tries for her, by now most men in his shoes would have taken a second wife.

Oby and Charly were talking about how they had been seriously praying that God would send them their own Abdul when suddenly our gist was interrupted by shouts from one of the rooms near us, we were trying to make out what the shouting was about but we couldn’t, before long it stopped.

Finally, we were done getting dressed and headed downstairs to the hotel lobby to meet with the others as planned, the dress code for the evening was “a touch of red” and everyone looked dapper in their lovely outfits, Jumai and Abdul especially, they wore matching Ankara outfits,Jumai had chosen to put on a scarf which she tied in Hijab fashion with hers, I thought that was really weird because she only wore one when she went to the mosque, she still looked good anyway.

It was really windy as we walked down to the beach, the men went ahead while we ladies just followed behind chattering away, I noticed Jumai was unusually quiet, I know she’s the calm one but today’s calm was on another level so I drew her back and asked if she was okay while the others kept walking on, she nodded and said she was fine and just had a little headache, I was about to offer to get her some pills from my luggage when the wind blew the scarf covering part of her face to reveal a large bruise underneath, “what happened to your face?” I asked gasping and pointing to her face in shock, “nothing,I fell while taking a shower” she stammered quickly covering her face again with the scarf, “Hmm! last time I checked I was the one who needed glasses to see properly and not you so how did you manage that?” I said sarcastically still trying to figure out how she fell on her face,”I don’t feel like talking about it” she replied defensively walking faster to catch up with the others.

I don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid but I strongly suspect there’s something Jumai is not telling and I will definitely find out. I really hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

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Dr.O is a graduate of the University of Szeged in Hungary who is on a mission to reduce the mortality rate in our society by creating awareness about preventable and non-preventable diseases and empowering people with the necessary knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health. was co-founded by her as a means to fulfilling this mission. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) and Hungarian Medical Chamber certified doctor. When she is not busy looking for ways to make a difference in her environment, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or touring the world.