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Old enough yet unmarried 8: Love,betrayal and health

Dr. O.



continued from episode 7.

I waited till they were gone then headed back to the cocktail party to join the others, by then Bayo was already back at the party,he was standing with Yemi and the girls,Abdul and Jumai had also joined them. There was a stand up comedian on stage cracking jokes to entertain the audience, they seemed to be enjoying his jokes because they were all laughing hysterically, I felt like punching the bugs bunny teeth out of Bayo’s mouth, how dare he laugh after what he just did? I walked up to them with an awkward smile on my face pretending nothing had happened, I made up my mind to tell Yemi what I had seen much later, now wasn’t the best time to tell her anything, it would just destroy the happy atmosphere.

I noticed there was a handsome stranger in our midst standing with Oby, he seemed to have familiarised himself with the rest of the gang, they were all so engrossed in the stand up comedy that they didn’t notice when I arrived, I tapped Oby from behind giving her the “who is he?” Look, she caught on immediately and began the introductions, “I’d like you to meet my friend Dr. Tess” she said pointing at me, “Tess meet Chuks” she said turning back to face him, “how do you do?” He said stretching his hands forward to give me a handshake, “how do you do?” I replied shaking his hands, “Chuks is currently working on a project here in Ghana, he works as a Fashion and lifestyle editor for Green news” Oby continued, “Wow! that is so cool, your job must be so much fun” I said turning to face Him, “it definitely is and quite challenging too, I need to always be at my best because everyone wants my job” he replied with a giggle, “I can imagine” I said nodding in agreement, “did you two just meet or you knew each other before now?” I asked curiously, “We just met” Chuks replied, “I spotted her from a distance looking so beautiful, I had to talk to her” he added with a huge grin. From the corner of my eye I could see Oby blush and I really couldn’t blame her, Chuks was tall, chocolate complexioned and handsome, he seemed easy going and fun to be around, I had already nicknamed him “hot chocolate” in my mind, I must admit he was a good catch at least he’s a much better catch than that pot-bellied old man that was harassing me earlier. My thoughts were interrupted by an announcement coming from the stage, “Ladies and Gentlemen as part of our Valentines special, one of our guests would like to give a special performance” the MC announced, Immediately after,Bayo walked up the stage and he was handed the microphone, “what?” I exclaimed with my mouth wide open, “what is he doing?” I asked nudging Oby without taking my eyes off the stage, ” I’m as clueless as you are” she replied with her eyes fixed on the stage as well, Yemi just stood there laughing as he took the microphone, I guess she was used to his madness already.

The soundtrack to John Legend’s “all of me” started playing and Bayo started singing along, I looked at him in disgust although I must admit his voice was nice, I just couldn’t get over what I saw earlier today, I don’t know how he does it but he always has his way with the ladies they all screamed as he sang, it was obvious he was enjoying the attention.

I turned to Oby to see her reaction, that was when I noticed her gaze was fixed, she seemed to be staring into space, I was starting to get worried that she was having a seizure again and then she turned to face me and laughed, the silly girl she always did that to prank me. I’ll let you in on the joke, everyone is familiar with seeing people who have epileptic seizures jerk uncontrollably like Oby did earlier today but did you know that there are other types of seizures? A person can have something known as an absence seizure where he just stares into space or starts to make little movements like blinking or chewing for a few seconds, during this period the person is usually unaware of his surroundings and doesn’t respond when you try to get his attention, he may even be having a conversation and suddenly stop talking in the middle of a sentence, immediately after the seizure the person goes back to normal and is not even aware that anything happened.

This type of seizures are easy to miss because they can be mistaken for daydreaming,it is more common in children but can happen in adults as well, anytime I find Oby staring into space I tend to assume she may be having that type of seizure and she has made it a habit to fool me with it many times.

The gist doesn’t end there, some epileptic people can have another type of seizure that causes their muscles to become stiff and they may fall to the ground suddenly, this one is called Tonic seizure its opposite is the Atonic seizure, that causes them to lose control of their muscles and may also cause them to suddenly fall to the ground. Don’t be surprised if you notice any of these signs in an epileptic person,do everything you can to help and support them.

Just as the song was coming to an end, Bayo came off the stage and walked into the audience while he sang, he reappeared seconds later dragging Yemi along with him.


I was still trying to figure out what sort of useless stunt he was pulling when 3 ladies appeared behind him on the stage, they wore white t-shirts with words printed on them in bold red letters and black jeans, the first lady that walked up the stage had the words WILL written on her t-shirt, the second one had YOU written on hers while the last wore MARRY ME?

Yemi screamed and attempted to run off the stage, she’s such a drama queen,she almost ruined the performance but luckily for Bayo he was able to pull her back, one of the girls handed him a ring box, he took the ring out, said some long story that I couldn’t be bothered to remember and asked her to marry him, of course she said yes!

Almost immediately,some amazingly colourful fireworks began,everyone cheered and clapped for them. As the girls walked off the stage, I recognised one of them, the one wearing the “marry me?” T-shirt, it was her I had seen leaving the hotel room earlier with Bayo,she was even the one that handed the ring over to him during the proposal. Wow! some girls can be so wicked, apparently she knew he was about to propose to his girlfriend and still went ahead to sleep with him, I was totally speechless, all I could think of was how Yemi was making a big mistake saying yes to him, I don’t think I’d be a good friend if I keep quiet about it, I need to let her know before it’s too late.
Everyone came round to congratulate Yemi and Bayo while the party continued, I forced a fake smile while hugging both of them.

After the party we all went back to our rooms tired,everyone except me was happy and excited. I was sad, my heart was heavy and I didn’t know what to do.

The next morning Yemi woke us up with knocks at our door, she was still basking in the euphoria of being newly engaged, you know the feeling you get when you wake up the next morning and realise the ring is still on your finger and your proposal was not a dream as usual? That’s exactly how Yemi felt, I’d never seen her that happy since I’d known her and I couldn’t bear to break her heart by telling her anything so I kept quiet and watched as she jumped on the bed waking the other two sleepyheads.

Few minutes later we were having fun talking about last night, Oby and Charly were arguing over who would be maid of honour when Charly’s phone rang, it was an unknown number calling, she excused herself and went to the balcony to receive the call, seconds later we heard her making threats and shouting abusive words at the caller, she stormed into the room and flung her phone towards the bed missing Yemi’s head by just a few inches as she dug her head under the blanket to dodge the phone, “That was close” Oby said with hands on her chest as she heaved a sigh of relief, “you can say that again” Yemi said raising her head” I wonder what I did to deserve that” she added with a snicker.

“What’s wrong?” I asked turning to face Charly, “That idiot just called” she replied after a long hiss, “what idiot?” we all chorused wondering who had stepped on her toes this time, “There’s only one idiot getting married today” she replied sarcastically, “Moyo?” Oby asked, “Yes Moyo” she replied with tears in her eyes.

Moyo? That was the last name I expected to hear, the whole reason for going on this trip in the first place was for Charly to forget about him and his wedding taking place today after he dumped her and their 2 year old son for his secretary and didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her till we stumbled on his wedding IV, why was he calling? What could he possibly want from her now?

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Dr.O is a graduate of the University of Szeged in Hungary who is on a mission to reduce the mortality rate in our society by creating awareness about preventable and non-preventable diseases and empowering people with the necessary knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health. was co-founded by her as a means to fulfilling this mission. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) and Hungarian Medical Chamber certified doctor. When she is not busy looking for ways to make a difference in her environment, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or touring the world.