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Old enough yet unmarried 11: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.



Continued from episode 10

Hmm wonders will never end! So Emeka has been playing for the other team for a while now and Oby had no clue, no wonder he always found faults with everything she did even though as far as I was concerned she was perfect.Apparently Emeka’s younger sister had contacted Oby to beg for financial assistance to help release her brother on bail.

A janitor in the office had hinted the management about the suspicious activities of Emeka and his colleague after working hours, the management decided to probe further, they increased the number of hidden cctv cameras in their office by one and that extra one was installed in Emeka’s office, the alleged meeting point for their escapades. Their most recent nasty deeds were caught on camera and they were both sacked and handed over to the police, now Emeka faces the risk of a 14year jail term and from the look of things only a good lawyer can save him.

Saying Oby was heartbroken and disappointed would have been the understatement of the century, in spite of all that had happened she was still willing to help, according to her she was doing it for old times sake, like I told you earlier she has a heart of gold, the man that will eventually get married to her is one hell of a lucky guy.

I advised her to avoid getting involved in the case since the police was already involved but she could assist him financially if she wanted.

I’m just glad she met someone else at the party yesterday, they seem to be getting along really well, he’s called her over 5 times already since last night, I wonder what they’re always talking about.

The rest of the weekend went by really fast and before we knew it, it was Sunday and we had to go back home, Oby was a bit sad to be leaving Chuks behind, they actually spent most of Saturday in each other’s company, they said their goodbyes and promised to keep in touch.


We were all packed and ready to go,as a matter of fact we were already inside the airport shuttle when Yemi suddenly realised she left her second phone charging by the dresser in her room, she literally flew out of the bus to get the phone,I would’ve been very excited if she had actually left the phone behind because we had been begging her to change the toy for ages but she stubbornly refused to get rid of it, as far as I was concerned, the noisy object wasn’t worthy to be called a phone, it was a miracle it could even make any calls.

We waited anxiously for her to return, we were already running late and I was getting ready to give Yemi a piece of my mind if we missed our flight because of the toy, just as Charly was about to go to find out what was delaying her, we saw her come out of the hotel running as fast as her tiny legs could carry her, one chubby leg after the other, she raced towards the mini bus until she tripped over a stone, it looked like a really bad fall from where I watched,Bayo and Charly rushed out of the bus to make sure she was okay, it seemed like she had been injured, they helped her up as she hopped on one foot towards the bus, I took one look at her leg and I knew it was official, we were missing our flight, well maybe I was sounding a bit too dramatic but she had a deep cut on her leg that was dirty and needed to be cleaned, I rushed inside to ask if the hotel had a first aid box, luckily they did, I wasn’t surprised anyway, every standard public place should have one, I took my time to clean her wound and dress it then I prescribed some antibiotics for her to take and asked her to get tetanus toxoid vaccine immediately we were back home, you should have seen the way she looked at me like I was out of my mind or something.

I had to tell her what I’m about to tell you, Tetanus is a serious condition that affects the nervous system, it occurs when a wound is infected by certain type of bacteria called “clostridium tetani”, this bacteria are usually found in the soil, dust and animal faeces, they get into the body through breakages in the skin such as open wounds, burns and animal bites and cause muscle stiffness and spasms especially in the jaw and neck muscles, in some cases where it interferes with the ability to breathe, it can become life threatening.

Tetanus can be prevented by taking tetanus vaccine, it is part of the routine vaccines given to babies and children, adults will need to take what is known as a booster dose of the vaccine every 10 years, it’s important to ensure that you get the vaccine especially when you have an open wound. Be kind enough to spread the word so people like Yemi will stop harassing me when I suggest it to them!

That was another one of my Dr. Tess moments,back to the gist at hand.

Luckily for us we got to the airport just before check in closed and we didn’t miss our flight, we had chosen to take the first flight out of Ghana to enable us enough time to prepare for work the next day.

After we landed, we all went our different ways,Yemi decided to go to Bayo’s instead of coming home, I guess she’s already feeling like Mrs. Solanke, if only she knew the evil he got up to this weekend I’m not sure she’d be as excited.

I took a cab home threw off my shoes and just crashed on my bed, by the time I woke up it was past 2pm already and there was absolutely nothing at home to eat or drink, I jumped out of bed, freshened up and drove off to the supermarket in the estate to get some groceries, I was halfway into my shopping when a little girl about 5years old ran towards me and gave me a big hug, I immediately recognised her, it was Dade, what in the world was she doing here? I lifted her up and gave her a peck, I was about to ask who she came with when an angry woman walked up from behind literally snatching Dade from me, “I warned you not to talk to strangers” she said scolding her, “but mummy, Aunty Tessy is not a stranger, she always brings ice cream for me when she comes to play with daddy” little Dade innocently explained, “Oh so you’re the Tessy that won’t leave my husband alone?” She said turning to face me, Before I could even answer she put Dade down beside her and grabbed my blouse by the neck and started shouting “husband snatcher! Everybody Come and see o, stupid woman, leave my husband alone” by this time other customers had started to notice what was going on and were staring in our direction, Dade just stood there clearly confused, she looked like she was trying to understand why her mum was attacking me. I tried to pull myself free but the stupid woman held on tighter, how was she so sure I was the one sleeping with her husband? After all she didn’t catch me red-handed and It’s not like we’d met before, this could’ve even been a case of mistaken identity. Some women can just be unnecessarily vicious,I was not even ready to start exchanging words in public because of a man.

Luckily one of the shop attendants came and separated us, I hurriedly adjusted my blouse and started to walk away not before sizing her up with my eyes and letting out a long hiss, “the next time you try this nonsense, you won’t live to tell the story, I threatened as I turned away and started my walk of shame towards the exit, I didn’t even bother waiting to pay for the groceries I had in my trolley, I just needed to leave the vicinity, “husband snatcher” I heard her call out from behind,” go and look for your own and stop chasing mine.”Gosh! That woman doesn’t give up, she’s no different from a motor park thug, no wonder her husband cheated on her. She should really consider joining them at the motor park, they’d only be too happy to welcome her to the fold.

I know some people in the supermarket had already started judging me, I could tell from the look on their faces. Every coin has two sides,before you start to judge, listen to my own side of the story….

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