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8 Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Dr. Lala .A.



1. Sudden loss or reduced Vision
This occurs when there is reduced blood flow to the eyes or brain. This may be a pointer to the onset of a stroke, from long-standing hypertension or migraine headache. Life style modification, proper stress management and regular blood pressure checks can prevent this.

2. Bulging Eyes
Is due to enlargement of the thyroid gland that is characterized by weight loss, palpitations, tremor, excessive sweating, diarrhoea. Drugs or surgery can be used to manage this condition.




3. Blurred Vision
This can be a sign of diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes causes tiny blood tiny blood vessels in the eyes to leak blood and other fluids, a condition called diabetic retinopathy. Laser can be used to seal the torn blood vessels to restore sight.




4. Ring Around Your Cornea
This condition, called corneal arcus, causes a gray-white line of fat deposits to grow on the outside edge of your cornea (a clear, curved surface at the front of your eye that helps it focus). Sometimes, the deposits make a complete ring. If you’re older, it’s probably not anything to worry about. But if you’re under 40, it could be a sign of dangerously high cholesterol.




5. Drooping Eyelids
This can be a symptom of myasthenia gravis, which makes the immune system attack and weaken the muscles. It affects the eyes, face, and throat muscles more than others and can make it difficult to chew, swallow, or even speak. The blood is often filtered to help ease symptoms, but that doesn’t work for long. Drugs and surgery can also improve this condition.




6. Yellowish discolouration of the Eyes
The white area of the eyes appear yellow, a condition called jaundice, when there is problem with the liver (from drugs, alcohol, infection), or when the red blood cells are excessively destroyed (hemolysis). Lifestyle modification, drugs and liver transplant (if the liver is irreversibly damaged) are forms of treatment.




7. Eye Twitches
These are extremely common and almost always harmless — they usually go away on their own. They can be associated with alcohol, fatigue, caffeine, or smoking. In extremely rare cases, they can be a sign of a problem with the nervous system, like multiple sclerosis, in which case other symptoms like difficulty walking, talking, and going to the bathroom will be present.




8. Night Blindness
This can be due to cataracts (common in elderly people) or Vitamin A deficiency. Foods rich in vitamin A like sweet potatoes, beef liver, spinach, carrots are recommended.

Contact me or your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

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Dr. Lala .A. is a graduate of University of Ilorin who also holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who aspires to be a plastic surgeon involved in creating awareness about women's rights and responsibilities and also training would be surgeons. She is a proud member of various reputable bodies including the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI). She loves to read, write, sleep and play the drums in her spare time.