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Old enough yet unmarried 14: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.



Continued from episode 13.

After much persuasion, I managed to calm both of them down, I have to admit it wasn’t an easy task, by the time I got them both to be sit quietly, my head was already pounding. I guess that’s what happens when your friend and her husband decide to turn themselves into warriors in your consulting room.

“Where is he now?” Jumai finally asked, “He’s dead” Abdul replied bluntly, “hope you’re happy”, “Oh” Jumai replied in shock as an awkward silence filled the room once again, “how did he die?” I finally asked breaking the silence, “he died few days after he was born. He was preterm, the doctor said he died of respiratory distress syndrome which was most likely a complication of the gestational diabetes his mother had” Abdul replied. I realise there’s a lot of medical jargon in what Abdul just said so I’m going to break it down, a preterm baby is one that is born before his due date, respiratory distress syndrome is usually seen in preterm babies and it is a breathing problem that occurs when the baby’s lungs are not fully developed. These two conditions are usually seen in babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy, women that develop this condition are at risk of having very big babies (called macrosomic babies), babies who develop low blood sugar shortly after birth, babies who are born before their due dates or babies who have breathing problems. In most women, the blood sugar usually returns to normal shortly after they deliver their babies but they are still at risk of developing gestational diabetes again in subsequent pregnancies or developing type 2 diabetes later in life, that is why it is important that they eat healthy and stay physically fit after the pregnancy to reduce chances of developing diabetes again.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before now?” Jumai asked, “I didn’t think it was necessary” Abdul replied, “all these happened way before we even met”. He went further to explain that the mother of the baby in question was a woman he dated during his university days, they eventually went their separate ways a few years after the incident before he met Jumai. After Abdul finished his explanations, Jumai apologised for her earlier outrage, Abdul also apologised for hitting her. I made sure to secure an appointment for both of them with a marriage counsellor because from what I witnessed in my consulting room, they would definitely be needing it.


Few weeks later, I and the rest of the girls met up at a restaurant in town to plan Yemi’s bridal shower, the wedding date had been fixed and we needed to plan something special for her before her big day, it was the least we could do for a dear friend before she walked down the aisle. Jumai arrived a little earlier than the rest of the girls so we had time to catch up, she told me her and Abdul had started their marriage counselling sessions and it had really helped their marriage, their sex life had also improved because the drugs were working for Abdul, she kept thanking me and giving me hugs as if I had done some miraculous thing like turning water to wine for her, I have to admit I felt like a hero and I was enjoying every bit of it. Can’t wait for the day she’d tell me she’s expecting her first child, it would make me the happiest doctor in the world.

The rest of the girls joined us shortly after and we caught up on gist before the planning began, Oge and Chuks had started dating though it was a long distance relationship, Ghana- Nigeria things. They made video calls to each other almost every evening and tried to meet up at least twice a month on weekends, I honestly don’t know how she is coping, I’m not a fan of long distance relationships, I think they are just too much stress, I’m not sure I can trust any guy staying more than 5hours drive away from me. Yes, I said 5hours! Even Island to mainland relationship is considered long distance for me. I’d rather date someone within my immediate geographical location, call it paranoia or whatever you like but can you really blame me? Men have shown me pepper in this my short lifetime. Anyway Chuks has promised to be around for the wedding so she’s pretty excited. Charly on the other hand has moved on significantly from the trauma she experienced with Moyo, she hasn’t met someone new yet but at least she’s a happy bunny.

We ordered our food and got planning, we decided we wanted to do something different for Yemi’s shower, we planned a pirate themed bridal shower on a boat cruise with only 20 of her closest girlfriends, I was already so excited just imagining how the shower would turn out, I couldn’t wait for the actual shower to finally come. By the time I got home later that night, I was so tired, I didn’t realise that planning a bridal shower was so much work, all I wanted to do was hug my bed and sleep, but Yemi wouldn’t let me, she kept talking nineteen to the dozen like she had a word limit to reach before the day was over, Like the good friend that I always am, I listened to all her banter. I was starting to doze when she suddenly mentioned that Bayo was travelling to Ghana soon, “Ghana? What for?” I asked suddenly becoming fully awake, “He said that’s where he wants to have his Bachelor’s eve party, his friend is treating him to a trip to Ghana, They’ll be going a week to the wedding” she said.

By now all sorts of thoughts had started racing through my mind, before I could even make sense of it she suddenly added, “Guess what?”. “What?” I asked, “they’re going to be lodging at the hotel we stayed during our last trip to Ghana, isn’t it a coincidence?” she said laughing, “Oh” I replied staring blankly at her, suddenly everything began to make sense. Coincidence indeed! Bayo had probably carefully planned this trip out with his friend so he could go and finish the sexual escapades he had started with the “kente lady” in Ghana, I guess he didn’t get enough the last time, the dog! I was so angry, I made up my mind to tell Yemi what I saw during our last trip right away before it was too late.

“There’s something I need to tell you” I said with a serious look on my face, “what is it?” She asked noticing my countenance had changed….

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