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Old enough yet unmarried 17: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.



Continued from episode 16.

I was saying my last prayers in my head already as there was nowhere else for me to run to except I planned to jump over the fence and land on the ground which was about 10ft below, I was literally stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Luckily for me, mercy said no! it wasn’t my time to go, she tripped and fell flat on the ground while charging towards me, I immediately jumped over her and ran for my dear life, I could hear her following closely behind, I was too scared to even look back, there was no time to even stop to get into my car so I didn’t bother, I ran past my car and didn’t stop running till I reached the next street, by this time she was no longer chasing me, I flagged a taxi down and headed home, I couldn’t risk going back to the lion’s den just to get my car.


“How did it go?” Yemi asked when she opened the door to let me in, the nasty look I gave her was enough to answer the question, I’m sure she must’ve wondered what she did to deserve such response, I just sized her up and went to have a seat. “Why so salty?” she asked sarcastically,it was her way of saying someone was being nasty, “because your stupid idea almost got me killed” I snapped back. After I calmed down, I narrated my ordeal to her and the silly girl could not stop laughing. “All I said was you should let him know, I never said you should go to his house” she said stylishly putting the blame on me. I ignored her disclaimer and jokingly threatened that if she didn’t help me bring my car back, our friendship was over. She eventually agreed and went back later that evening to get my car when the coast was clear. Needless to say, I never attempted to go anywhere near Tolu or his wife after that day, as a matter of fact I deleted his number from my phone. Two weekends later, it was finally time for the long awaited bridal shower, all the girls including the terror squad (Jumai,Oby, Charly, Yemi and I) plus Yemi’s 5 other girlfriends that weren’t part of our squad were invited for the shower, we had managed to convince Yemi that we just wanted to go on a boat cruise like any of our regular outings and as usual she was pretty excited about it, little did she know it was actually her bridal shower.

When we finally arrived at the deck ready to sail, she was surprised to see the other girls there, then we let her in on the surprise and dressed her up with her own pirate eye patch and hat before we put ours on, I must admit that we all looked pretty silly but we really didn’t care, we were just having fun. As expected there was a lot to eat, we made sure to serve just finger foods, sweets and chocolates on board just in case someone had motion sickness and started to throw up. Motion sickness is a combination of dizziness, nausea and vomiting that occurs when travelling by air, water or land. I bet you thought that only happened in movies didn’t you? It actually happens in real life, people suffer from motion sickness, It is caused by a conflict between what the eyes see and what the inner ear responsible for balance senses. There are drugs available to treat motion sickness which are most effective when taken before travelling.

The shower turned out to be a huge success, it was so much fun and Yemi had the time of her life, seeing her all smiles made me happy that our mission had been accomplished. Just before sunset, the cruise finally came to an end and the other girls had left, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to share the news about my pregnancy with the terror squad, I told them I had some news to share then I announced that I was pregnant, initially they just laughed it off but when I kept a straight face, they realised I was serious, slowly their expressions began to change, they suddenly became sober. Jumai in her usual calm and soft nature started to feel sorry for me and came over to give me a hug, Oby was disappointed and that didn’t surprise me, I wasn’t expecting anything different from our very own Mother Theresa, Charly on the other hand was finding the whole thing funny, “welcome to the club” she said patting my back, I’m sure she was only too happy that all the preaching and counselling that Oby had been bugging her with would now be diverted to me seeing as I was the latest sinner in town. “Who’s the father?” Oby asked, “here we go again” I thought rolling my eyes as I narrated the story of my shameful secret affair with Tolu, Oby looked like she was going to faint by the time I was done talking, “but you should’ve known better than to date a married man” she scolded, “I had no idea he was married” I snapped back, trust me she’d make a very annoying mum.

Jumai scolded her for being so judgemental while Charly joked about being my official mentor on single motherhood, little did she know that I had actually secretly appointed her for that role even before she suggested it. The whole week seemed to go by really fast and before we knew it, it was the eve of the wedding, Yemi and Bayo had made arrangements to lodge at a hotel close to the venue of the wedding with their bridal train, the groom’s men were lodged in one wing of the hotel while the bridesmaids were lodged in an opposite wing on the same floor, altogether we were twelve, 6 bridesmaids and 6 grooms-men. Yemi shared a room with her sister who was the maid of honour, I and Charly had a room to ourselves and so did Jumai and Oby. The couple had arranged a mini get together at the hotel restaurant so the groomsmen and bridesmaids could get to know each other before the wedding, Charly who had recently been released into the singles market after her boyfriend Moyo ran off to marry his secretary was only too excited about the dinner, “I hope Bayo has some really hot friends” she said as we walked to the restaurant to attend the dinner, I just rolled my eyes and walked on, the last thing I wanted was to meet another liar, I hadn’t fully recovered from what Tolu did to me.


We walked into the restaurant, it was nice and cosy with a large banquet table for 16 at the centre, I figured that was the table reserved for us, I spotted Oby and Jumai already seated with 3 other guys including Chuks, Bayo had been nice enough to put him on his train so he could spend as much time as possible during the wedding with Oby since he was flying back to Ghana the next day. Jumai noticed us standing at the entrance and waved excitedly for us to come over and sit beside her, I imagine the other guys were boring her to death judging by how relieved she looked to see us. We were about making our way towards the table when someone suddenly called out Charly’s name tapping her from behind, she turned around to see who it was and let out a loud scream, sending the whole room into utter confusion, her screams had startled a waiter passing close by with glasses of wine on his tray, the poor guy dropped his tray mistakenly breaking glasses and spilling wine on the floor, an awkward silence suddenly filled the restaurant and everyone turned to our direction to see what was causing the screaming, I turned over to see why Charly had screamed so loud, as soon as I saw who it was, I screamed even louder……

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Dr.O is a graduate of the University of Szeged in Hungary who is on a mission to reduce the mortality rate in our society by creating awareness about preventable and non-preventable diseases and empowering people with the necessary knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health. was co-founded by her as a means to fulfilling this mission. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) and Hungarian Medical Chamber certified doctor. When she is not busy looking for ways to make a difference in her environment, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or touring the world.