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Cervical Cancer

“My husband must not know”: A story on genital warts

Dr. Tomisin



Consulting room

Mr & Mrs A: Good afternoon doc
Dr: Good afternoon, how are you both doing today
Mr A: Very well o, despite the economy, thank God we still dey chop sha
Dr: thank God
Mr A: We are here to see you o doc, I got home now and my wife wasn’t looking her usual self, she’s been having some complaints for a while now so I decided it’s best we both come to see you
Mrs A: Ermmm yes doc… I recently noticed I don’t sleep well at night, my eyes itch sometimes then I think I have also added some weight….I can’t even explain how it’s doing me
Me: Ooook, so let’s take it one at a time, let’s start from the first one you noticed….




After minutes of conversation with Mrs A with few interjections from Mr A, it all wasn’t pointing in any direction

Me: Alright, I’d like to examine you madam, Oga please I hope you won’t mind waiting outside for a short while
Mr A: oh no problem




As soon as he steps out…

Mrs A: Doc please it’s nothing like all I have been saying earlier, I noticed a fleshy growth around my vagina while taking a bath last week, no pain at all o, then I checked with a mirror and noticed they were like 3 other ones all scattered around… please doc help me, what can it be?! Hmmm I hope it’s not cancer o…

After a more detailed history, examination and investigation…turns out Mrs A had Genital warts!
Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus(HPV), same virus that causes Cervical cancer!

Male genital warts

Male genital warts

Risk factors are:

-Early age at sexual exposure
-Multiple sexual partners
-Low Socioeconomic status
These factors lead to higher risks of exposure to HPV!
This virus exist in different strains:

HPV 6&11 cause genitalia warts
HPV 16&18 cause cervical cancer

Prevention is always better than cure; this applies to cervical cancer.

It is a vaccine preventable disease- Yes just like Hepatitis B, there’s a vaccine against HPV.

Vaccines are available for girls within age 9-26years, mainly because it is best received prior to sexual exposure.

Early Detection is key!
PAP smear– yearly starting at age 21yrs or 3 years after first sexual exposure

If 3 or more results done consecutively are normal, after age 30, test is done every 2-3yrs

Ladies it is time to wake up and take charge of our health please! Indulge yourself – get vaccinated against HPV.
Well I am above 26years and I have kids already…. yes you can still get a smear test done- it’s just once in a year!

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Dr. Tomisin Aluko (M.B.Ch.B) is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State who is on a mission to get across health- related issues to everyone in its simplest form while advocating for healthier living. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who loves reading and photography.