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O series

Old enough yet unmarried 33: Love, betrayal and health

Dr. O.



…continued from episode 32.

“Please stop” I screamed, kicking at him but he wasn’t even listening to me, his flatmate had travelled home for the weekend and we were the only ones at home so my screaming fell on deaf ears, Ken had suddenly been transformed into a beast, he wasn’t the sweet guy I knew anymore, he had overpowered me and was now holding both my hands above my head and pressing them down against the mattress while he began slowly thrusting himself inside me,

“you’re going to love it baby, I’ll be gentle” he said, at this point I had given up the struggle, tears had begun rolling down my face as I felt the pains each time he thrust himself inside me, I just lay there helpless on the bed crying while he had his way, I blamed myself for sleeping over at his place. He paid no attention to my tears, I don’t think he even realised what he was doing to me till he was satisfied then he kissed me on the lips, lay beside me and fell into a deep sleep while I stayed up crying like a baby. I hated him for violating me, I felt like strangling him to death as he peacefully slept on blood stained sheets amidst my sobs.

The next morning I packed my things and left before he woke up. He spent the rest of the week apologising and trying to make up for it but I ignored him, I could see that he was becoming more and more depressed because of the guilt he felt and my refusal to speak with him. After a while, I couldn’t stand to see him sad, I realised I still loved him very much despite what he did to me. I eventually made up my mind to let go of the past and forgive him, I don’t know if it was out of remorse or pity but he made a promise that he would marry me once he was done with school, of course I was happy to hear that, I wasn’t thinking straight.


As time went by we started sleeping with each other again but this time with my consent, I was scared I’d have something like vaginismus or any of these conditions I’d seen rape victims suffer on TV but luckily that didn’t happen.”

For those who don’t know what Osas meant, Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles of the vagina contract involuntarily when vaginal penetration is attempted making intercourse painful. The cause is unknown but is usually associated with history of sexual abuse or trauma and can be treated with sex therapy and counselling. Now that we’ve cleared the airbon that, let’s continue to see Osas’s side of the story…..

“Our love grew stronger with each passing day, everything was perfect until one day out of the blue, Ken called to inform me that he was getting a transfer to continue his studies in Ghana because he was being threatened by some cult members who wanted him to join them, I begged him to opt for a school within the country but he said his father had insisted he travelled out and the school fees had already been paid. He explained that he didn’t tell me what he had been going through earlier because he didn’t want me getting worried.

I cried like a baby when he eventually left, even though I knew it was for his own good, I convinced myself to live with the decision since I didn’t want him to be killed by cultists. He promised to call me everyday and was true to his promise, we were inseparable for the first 12 months then afterwards, calling everyday reduced to every week and then to once a month till he stopped calling, I guess he couldn’t keep up anymore, each time I tried to reach him it he would give one excuse or another for not calling till he eventually changed his number and I never heard from him again.


Unknown to me he had met my older sister and had started dating her, although to be fair he didn’t know she was my sister, he didn’t even know I had a sister in Ghana because I never mentioned it to him. I saw no reason why it was necessary to mention it as I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they’d meet each other in Ghana.

I only found out about their relationship when my Sister Charly returned from work on Monday with him, I almost screamed when I saw him at the door with my her.

I noticed he was shocked to see me as well but was quick to hide his shock behind a smile while Sister made the introductions as if we’d never met.

Being around them was awkward so I stayed in my room most of the time, I never got a chance to have a private conversation with Ken till this evening when he returned home from work, he apologised for disappearing on me and confessed that he just couldn’t handle the distance, he added that when he met my sister, he fell in love with her. He actually confessed to dating me out of pity and guilt and said he really loved my sister, the only problem I had with that was that seeing him had stirred up feelings inside me that I thought were dead already, I couldn’t control myself anymore and I didn’t care that he was dating my sister, I wanted him at all costs, so I decided to seduce him and that was when Sister walked in and went mad.”
She explained completing her story.

“Wow” I said letting out a huge sigh once she was done, “does Charly know anything about what you’ve just said?”I asked, “no she doesn’t” she replied shaking her head, “do you intend to tell her?”, I asked, she paused for a while, kept looking down at her feet and didn’t respond.

“do you intend to tell her? I asked again, “I don’t know, let’s see how it goes” she replied with a huge sigh.
I couldn’t help but think about the whole situation, it was a really messy one, two sisters torn between one man both of them clearly in love with him, one belonged in his past, the other in his present but the big question was who belonged in his future? Would Osas go ahead to fight for him? Would Charly have a change of heart about Ken if she knew about the rape and his history with her sister?

I honestly can’t imagine what I’d have done if I was in any of their shoes, only time would tell…

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Dr.O is a graduate of the University of Szeged in Hungary who is on a mission to reduce the mortality rate in our society by creating awareness about preventable and non-preventable diseases and empowering people with the necessary knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health. was co-founded by her as a means to fulfilling this mission. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) and Hungarian Medical Chamber certified doctor. When she is not busy looking for ways to make a difference in her environment, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or touring the world.