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QUIZ: Are you a bully? (Find out here)

Dr. Akin-Onitolo A.



Often, we assume a bully is a person of intimidating size who bosses everyone around. But you can not tell a bully by their appearance. It could be the quiet person, your best friend or fiancée. It could also be you.
The following 10 questions would help you know if you have been bullying others or simply have a tendency to. Do remember that if you qualify, there’s a lot of room for change.


Q1: Do you like to scare others because they cannot help themselves?
Q2: Do you think it’s just fun when you witness someone being bullied?
Q3: Do you pick on people smaller than you?
Q4: Does teasing or taunting people make you feel good?
Q5: Do you feel you must always be the winner when you play games?
Q6: Do you always want others to think you are the toughest person?
Q7: Do you get upset when no one listens to you, or you don’t have your way?
Q8: Do you blame others for everything that goes wrong in your life?
Q9: Are people around you afraid of you?
Q10: Do you use power over others just because you can?

That’s it! If you answered YES to all ten questions, I’m sorry to have to tell you that you indeed are a bully.
Otherwise, you’re not. You may have answered NO to some, so we’ll agree you may have the tendency to bully.

Bullying is not always physical. It could be emotional where you use words to put others down. It could also be through text messages and the internet – cyber bullying.

Have you been bullied before? Or are you presently in such a situation?
Have you just discovered that you bully others? What do you intend to do about it?
Don’t hesitate to SHARE your opinions, experiences and questions.


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Dr. Akin-onitolo A. is a graduate of the University of Lagos whose mission is to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) using health promotion and improved health literacy. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who had her elective at King's College London. Hugely interested in travel, meeting people and generally being creative, reading and writing fiction are a few hobbies you could find her engaged in during her spare time. Catch up with her on Twitter @Akinonitolo and Instagram @t_onitolo