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Breast Cancer

Visiting the in-laws : Newly wed palava with reflections on cancer

Dr. Tomisin



On a sunny Sunday afternoon I had to go visit my in-laws(to be) at another side of the city.
It was my first time visiting and I was going alone! Let me just spare you the details…
So yes I had to create a lasting first impression you know #winks
I mean I was a bit nervous- what was I going to talk about, how broad should my smile be, how long do I need to stay b4 I jet out, what if they don’t even like me sef!hmmmm
It wasn’t so awkward really plus I had gifts for them too (ermmm you might want to try my style sha)
Thankfully it wasn’t anything like my fears, I met the most- welcoming loveliest people ever!
And then we got talking… yea the usual ‘where are you from, who are your parents….’
Oh you are a Dr, that’s very good…then the switch to health related topics!
Mummy-Eko then asked gently ‘you know what is the cause of the sudden rise in cases of cancer we hear nowadays, when we were much younger it wasn’t so?!
She went on to tell me about her natural health remedies- moringa seeds and leaves, ginger, aloevera etc. She attributed it to poor and unhealthy lifestyle.


That got me thinking…
Recently saw a memorial of a lady on facebook- 27year old that lost the battle to breast cancer!!! Yeah really sad…
I have some things going through my mind though

Could it be as a result of westernized lifestyle that we have adopted?

Or has it always been that way but for better facilities for early diagnosis that we have now, it seems to be more common?

Medicine tells me usually cancers result when genetic factors meet with environmental factors.
That is someone has a particular gene(inherited) and then is now exposed to things in the environment- chemicals, drugs etc and then over time it results in cancer!

It could also be sporadic though… that is it just happens and nobody knows why.

So what is the way forward? Once a problem is known then a solution is on the way right?!

I like the fact that people are now better informed about their health, many thanks to social media.
I mean weightloss and better eating habits are being talked about everyday and many more are signing up for these programs!




Prevention is always better… but what if it just happens and nobody knows why?

Some early warning signs may be seen e.g a lump felt in the breast, abnormal feeling or symptom that has been on for a while and you can’t really explain, a close family member (especially immediate family) diagnosed with cancer…

Get your screenings done, know how to do self breast examination(not just ladies), get help as soon as possible when you think something is wrong. That little time can make all the difference.

P.S: I would love to hear from you on this issue. Please feel free to drop a comment.

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Dr. Tomisin Aluko (M.B.Ch.B) is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State who is on a mission to get across health- related issues to everyone in its simplest form while advocating for healthier living. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who loves reading and photography.