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Philo’s Dilemma: A piece on measles

Dr. Akin-Onitolo A.



19:02 Friday, 8th September
Philomena: Boma came home with rashes on Wednesday. She must have gotten it from one of those children in their school. I don’t know what to do now.
Lara: Give her Augmentin. That is what I used for my son when he had rashes too. Do you remember?
Philomena: Was it that time we were preparing for his one year birthday?
Lara: Yes. And it worked. The rashes disappeared after two days.
Philomena: Okay. Thank you, my dear.

12:49 Saturday, 9th September
Philomena: See, her body is very hot o
Lara: Give the Augmentin na
Philomena: Since yesterday. Abeg it’s not working. The rash has spread up to her chest
Lara: What will you do now? Hope it’s not measles o.
Philomena: How I go take know?
Lara: Okay. Let me call my doctor friend

Lara: Philo, carry Boma go hospital now now
Philomena: Wetin they talk do am?
Lara: He said it’s as if she has chicken pox. Didn’t you get immunization for your children?
Philomena: My sister, I did not o. We’ll go to hospital now. But it seems Omor has gotten it too, she was scratching rashes on her arm this morning
Lara: How you take do am now?
Philomena: It’s not my fault, you know how children are
Lara: I hope Bobo will not catch it too like this. You’re supposed to separate them because it spreads very fast
Philomena: How was I supposed to know it is chicken pox? Anyhow, make I go hospital
Lara: You for don get immunization for them

22:17 Monday, 11th September
Lara: How far?
Philomena: My dear, I no fit go work today. I dey house with the 3 of them. Bobo don catch am too and Omor just dey cough anyhow
Lara: Ehyah, ndo. Thank God say e no worse pass this one
Philomena: As in. The matron just dey shout say I no do well, say I for complete their immunization. I just tell her to leave me o. When they get well, I will make sure they get the one for measles
Lara: MMR?
Philomena: Yes. At least that one is free
Lara: Na wa for you. What they should have collected since. Your last born, Bobo is five and half already
Philomena: ? e don do

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Dr. Akin-onitolo A. is a graduate of the University of Lagos whose mission is to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) using health promotion and improved health literacy. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who had her elective at King's College London. Hugely interested in travel, meeting people and generally being creative, reading and writing fiction are a few hobbies you could find her engaged in during her spare time. Catch up with her on Twitter @Akinonitolo and Instagram @t_onitolo