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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 7: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



….continued from episode 6.

“Where are you going?” Lara shouted running after him, “you’ve barely touched your food”, “you can go ahead and eat your food, I’m not interested” he said holding his phone to his ear and waiting for Franklin to pick, unfortunately, he didn’t answer his phone, he reluctantly turned and walked back into the house.

Lara eventually succeeded in making Jeff see reason with her, at least to an extent before they went to bed. Jeff didn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t happy but he had no choice. “So who’s going to look after Jojo while you’re away?” He asked Lara, “Lola of course” she replied, “hasn’t she been doing that all this while?”

“have you stopped for a second to think about how Jojo would feel with you being away from home? You’ve never left for so long without her” he asked, “Jojo will be fine”

Lara assured, “I’m only going to be away for a few days”, “okay” he replied shrugging and turning his back towards her as he settled to lay his head down to rest without saying another word, not only was he concerned about Jojo, he was also worried about himself, Lara had never spent a night outside his house since they got married, he was more worried about how he would cope without her than how Jojo would.


Few days later, Jeff found himself reluctantly dropping Lara off at the airport, he had planned to just help her carry her heavy luggage to the check-in counter and head back home, unfortunately, he couldn’t, they were greeted by the usual long queues and Lara pleaded with him to save a spot for her on the seemingly endless queue which was growing longer by the minute while she went to the washroom to ease herself, she had been going to the toilet to pee more frequently than usual in the last few days even when she didn’t drink so much water, she found it rather strange and worrying so she had gone to see their family doctor with her complaints a couple of days earlier; he had suspected that she must have a urinary tract infection(UTI) which was responsible for her frequent visits to the toilet, his suspicions were confirmed after she did a urine test. He had explained that the a urinary tract infection (UTI) was an infection caused by bacteria that could occur anywhere in the urinary system including the kidneys and bladder and it happened more frequently in women than men because they had a shorter urinary outlet which made them more prone to such infections and the distance between the urinary outlet and anus in women is short making it easy for bacteria in the anus to spread to the urinary tract while cleaning up after using the toilet. Most urinary tract infections usually involve the lower part of the urinary tract such as the bladder, however, if they eventually ascend to the kidneys, it could lead to more serious consequences. It is possible for some people to have infections in their urinary system without experiencing any symptoms while others may have symptoms like burning sensation while passing urine, persistent urge to pass urine, pelvic pain and going to the toilet to pass urine frequently like Lara did; the good news is that such an infection can be treated with antibiotics tablets which Lara had already started taking.

Jeff waited impatiently for Lara to return from the washroom, she seemed to be taking forever to return and the queue had barely moved an inch since she left.

He was still lost in thought when a handsome well dressed man in his mid-forties joined the queue behind him, “is this queue for the flight going to Enugu?” he asked gently tapping Jeff’s shoulders, “yes it is” he nodded turning to face him, “wow!” I thought it would be much shorter by now” he exclaimed, “I’d hoped so too” Jeff replied in agreement, the man seemed to be the chatty type and was refusing to keep quiet, he went on talking about how he’d been caught up in traffic on his way to the airport and how he’d thought he would miss the flight,he was one of those people that could meet strangers and relate with them like they’d known each other before, initially Jeff was irritated by his talkative nature but eventually warmed up to him; he realised the man was an interesting character and thought he could do with some distraction while he waited for Lara to return, so he listened as he ranted on about different issues from the educational system which he thought was a mess to how the music industry had suddenly started selling packaged noise to the consumers calling it music to how he disliked the “useless lot” called politicians and what they were doing to the masses, he seemed pretty knowledgeable and looking at him from head to toe, one could tell just from his dressing that he had a lot of money too.

“So what do you do?” He suddenly asked in between his ranting,taking Jeff by surprise with his question, “you mean me?” Jeff asked pointing at himself still thinking of what to say, “Yes you!” He said, “haven’t I been talking to you for the last few minutes?” he said with a loud chuckle, “well..” Jeff began still thinking of what to say, he wasn’t sure how to answer the question because he wasn’t exactly doing anything at that time and saying he was a house husband didn’t seem like an appropriate answer to the question as much as it was true, he knew a moment like this would come when someone might ask him about his career but he never knew it would come so soon so he wasn’t prepared.


“I run my own telecommunications company” he found himself saying, “really?” his talkative new friend asked with his eyes lit, “sounds interesting! What’s the company called?” He probed further, “erm, it’s called Jay telecoms” he replied with a smile, “that’s interesting!” the man said again nodding his head slowly, “so I guess business is taking you to Enugu then or is that where you live?” He asked, “business?” Jeff began, “nah! Not really. I’m actually not the one going to Enugu, my wife is” he said, “oh! Your wife is here to?” The man asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes she is, I’m just keeping a space for her on the queue, she went to use the bathroom and she’s been gone for ages, you know how these women can be” he said laughing, “my wife is probably worse” the man replied with a giggle, “so what’s up in Enugu? Do you have family there?” the man questioned further, “not at all” Jeff replied, “my wife is going on an official trip with one of her bosses who I’m pretty sure is a womaniser”

“Really? Why do you say so?” the man asked curiously, “she’s a marketer and the men in the field are usually very randy, I can almost bet my life he set up this trip to sleep with my wife” Jeff replied, “that might not be totally true” the man began, “I know many men in marketing and they don’t sleep around”, “that’s what you think” Jeff said turning up his nose, “let me confess to you” he began “the only reason I agreed to drop my wife off at the airport is so that I can see the face of the idiot boss she’s traveling with and I’ll know who to run over with my car, if I hear anything” he added, “calm down man” he said patting Jeff on the back, “I don’t envy your wife’s boss now” he began “if he could hear how angry you are right now, I’m sure he’d stay clear off your wife; any straight-thinking man would do that” he continued, “If I were him, I’d go the extra mile to even fire your wife just to prove my innocence” he said giggling again, “You can’t be serious” Jeff replied, “if he dares try to fire her, I’ll get his womanising ass fired too”,
“Okay okay” the man raised his hands in surrender, “I think it’s best we talk about something else.

“Talk of the devil!” Jeff suddenly exclaimed interrupting their conversation, “my wife is finally out of the washroom” he said pointing at Lara who was few steps away from them.

“Is that your wife?” the man asked looking a little confused, “yes this my lovely wife” he replied smiling and pulling Lara closer just as she approached them, “Lara come over here, let me introduce you to this pleasant man I just met” he said, “forgive my manners, I forgot to ask for your name” he added turning to face the man with a smile, that was when he noticed the man wasn’t smiling back, “is there a problem?” Jeff asked looking puzzled, “you know him?”

Lara asked, “no, we just met” Jeff replied, “oh! Great. So I don’t need to do much introductions then, that’s Mr Benson” Lara said pointing at the man, “he’s my boss” she said smiling, “your boss?” Jeff stammered staring at the man in disbelief, he looked at the man and could not help but notice the now stern look on his face, it was then he realised that he had said a little too much,he didn’t know whether to apologise or to play it cool and act like nothing happened. “Yes he’s my boss” Lara replied looking suspiciously at Jeff and Mr Benson, “is anything the matter?” She asked noticing the look on both their faces, “Everything is fine” Mr Benson replied, “in fact they couldn’t get any better. Don’t bother boarding the flight to Enugu anymore, see me in the office on Friday” he said picking his luggage and walking away leaving Lara stating at him in confusion, “Oh God! What have I just done?” Jeff exclaimed putting his two hands on his head as he watched Mr Benson walk away, “I really messed up this time”…

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