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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 10: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



Continued from episode 9.
“Lola Please stop what you’re doing” he begged struggling to free himself while closing his eyes so he wouldn’t see her nakedness, “why should I when it’s obvious you’re enjoying it?” She said looking down at his crotch, “I’ll only stop when I see a STOP sign” she chuckled slowly kissing down his neck and grinding on his crotch with her backside, Jeff’s heart was beating fast, he could feel his whole body betraying him, “what about Lara?” he begged as Lola pulled his shirt off, “think about her, how do you think she would feel if she finds out?”

“I know my sister more than you do, she’s probably doing worse with her boss as we speak” Lola replied, “and don’t worry about her finding out, it’s just the two of us here, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” She said with a mischievous smile.

Jeff thought of the possibility of what Lola had just said about Lara and reasoned that she might be right, “that’s probably the reason she’s been comfortable not sleeping with me for so long” he thought, even Franklin had suggested it too at some point, “Go ahead and do it,nobody’s going to know” he heard a voice similar to Franklin’s say in his head while he was still contemplating.

Lola pulled down his pants , spreading her legs and settling herself over his manhood slowly without giving him a chance to reject her advances, she pushed herself down lower till she could feel him deep inside her; Jeff immediately concluded that there was no need struggling at that point as the deed was as good as done, he grabbed her by the waist, placed her on her back and began thrusting himself slowly inside her; being inside a woman after such a long period of abstinence felt like heaven to him, he wasn’t thinking straight anymore, he didn’t care if she had Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection that affects both men and women and sometimes doesn’t show any signs or symptoms making people unaware that they even have it. Other times, symptoms such as pain in the genital area, discharge from the vagina or penis may be present; it usually is not difficult to treat, however, failure to treat it may lead to serious complications.

Jeff didn’t even see the woman moaning beneath him on the bed as Lola anymore, all he saw was “succulent strawberry”……

The next morning, he woke up to find himself in Lola’s bed with her lying in his arms and he was suddenly brought back to his senses, “Gosh! What did I just do?” He exclaimed springing out of bed and causing Lola to wake up, “I’m sorry” she said rubbing her eyes, “I guess I had too much to drink last night. I promise I won’t tell Lara anything” she said yawning non-chalantly like there was no big deal about what had happened between them, Jeff got up from the bed, put his clothes on hurriedly and walked out of her room without saying a word to her. He kept beating himself up every time he remembered that he betrayed his wife, he didn’t know how he was going to face her without feeling guilty when she returned.


He locked himself up in his room all morning, by the time he finally decided to come out, he was greeted by the aroma of omelette with freshly made tea specially prepared by Lola, “I was just about to come and get you” she said setting the tray of breakfast on the dining table as Jeff came down the stairs, “I made breakfast for us” she said smiling, “I’m not interested” Jeff replied picking his car keys and heading for the door, Lola immediately followed behind him and stopped him before he walked out, “look I’m sorry about what happened last night” she began as she stood at the doorway refusing to let Jeff out, “We both didn’t plan for it and it was in no way any of your fault so you need to stop beating yourself up. If you keep acting like this when Lara is around, she’s going to suspect something, I know her to well” she continued, “so please just let’s forget about the past and move on” she begged.

“I’ve heard you” Jeff replied, “and I’m sure I’ll be fine before she gets back” he said gently pushing her aside and walking out….
“What? You mean you hit the jackpot?” Franklin said getting up from behind his desk and walking towards Jeff after he was done recounting what happened the previous night, “you’re the bomb” he said jumping up and down excitedly, ignoring the look of disgust Jeff was giving him, “I thought you were a pastor?” He said bursting into laughter, “anyway I knew that was just a cover up, pastor too dey like better thing” he teased. “Look it’s not funny” Jeff managed to say, “I don’t know why you find it amusing” he scolded, “oh! Please” Franklin interrupted raising his hand to shut him up, “when you were enjoying your succulent strawberry and not remembering your guy, it was funny then, it’s now after you’ve finished chopping that you’re here speaking English” he hissed, “better enjoy the enjoyment while it lasts before she gets tired of you and moves on to someone that has money, you know say you no get anything again” he said bursting into another fit of laughter.

“I should’ve known better than to waste my time coming here” Jeff replied picking his car keys from the desk and walking towards the door, “I’m sorry for you, you had better change” he added before walking out, “sorry for yourself bro” Franklin called out to him in between bursts of laughter, “enjoy the attention while it lasts….”

The next few days between Jeff and Lola were awkward, for some reason, she had decided to stay back in the house and start going to campus from home again,Jeff barely spoke to her; after returning home from his fruitless job search, he would come home and lock himself up in his room refusing to eat anything Lola made.

One day after returning from another frustrating session of searching for jobs, he felt depressed and really needed to talk to someone, he flung the folder containing his credentials on the table in the living room and sank into the couch dialing Lara’s number, “hey babe how’s it going?” He said when she picked up, he was excited to hear her voice, usually she was always too busy to take his calls during the day, “hey sweety, I’m in a meeting” she hurriedly replied, “we’re just about to close a major deal,I’ll call you soon” she said hanging up before he could even say another word.
“Aargh!” Jeff screamed out in frustration, tightening his fists and flinging his phone to the ground, he was tired of being jobless, he hated the fact that his wife had to travel round the country just so she could provide for them, it made him feel like less of a man especially during times like these when he had to sit around waiting for her to return his calls.

“What’s the matter?” Lola shouted running down from her room, she hadn’t realised Jeff had been sitting down in the living room instead of locking himself up like he usually did, “I just want to die” was all he managed to say, digging his head in both palms, “God forbid! You won’t die” Lola said rushing to sit beside him, “what you’re going through is just a phase, it will pass” she said giving him a hug and patting his back, “you don’t understand how it feels not being able to provide for your own family” Jeff said shaking his head, “I used to feed my wife but now she feeds me and it doesn’t help that none of these useless banks is willing to give me a loan to start up my own business” he lamented, “everything will be fine” was all Lola kept saying as she held his hand.

After that day, Jeff began to see Lola in a different light, he was thankful to her for sparing her time to give him words of encouragement at his lowest of moods; gradually, he began to notice her caring side, he realised that beneath the wild and stubborn girl was a kind-hearted young girl who was just misunderstood, he concluded that her wild behaviour was probably just a cry for help and made up his mind to help her change.
Slowly but surely, he began to grow fond of her and started eating her meals again. They became such good friends that even Lara was surprised to find that they were getting along quite well when she returned, she was happy to see her husband and younger sister finally learning to tolerate each other. “Now I can leave the house in peace, knowing that none of you will kill the other before I return” she jokingly said once.

She was home for only two weeks before she had to travel again, “I promise all these numerous trips will end soon” she said to Jeff when she was leaving for another city again, when I’m fully confirmed as the new head of unit, someone else is going to be doing most of the traveling for me, we only have to go through this for six more months and it’ll be over” she assured, giving him a peck on the lips as he dropped her at the airport to catch yet another flight out of town; the more Lara was away, the closer Jeff and Lola became.


One day, Lola returned home from campus with the good news that she had passed one of the semester courses that had been giving her a tough time, “Uncle Jeff, I passed” she said jumping up and hugging him excitedly when he opened the door, “wow! That’s fantastic!” He exclaimed returning the hug, “I knew you’d make it” he said giving her a pat on the back, “thanks for your support” she said, ” I couldn’t have done this without it” she added looking up at him, she suddenly found herself leaning forward to give him a kiss.

Jeff was a very handsome man, his good looks made it difficult for many ladies to resist him, hence the numerous advances he received from the opposite sex, if it wasn’t for his principled nature, he’d have cheated on Lara countless times in the past, but the vows he had made to her always kept him from doing that. This time however, for some reason, he found himself kissing Lola back, she replied with a more passionate kiss which eventually led to them tearing at each other’s clothes till Jeff found himself sweating naked on top of Lola on the living room couch, this time with no regrets, he had not been to “the promised land” in over 2 months because Lara was always too tired to do anything when she was around; Lola on the other hand didn’t care that the man she was holding on to and kissing so tightly was her sister’s husband, she didn’t like the way her sister neglected him and felt he deserved more love and attention than he was getting, as far as she was concerned, this was her own way of saying thank you to him for all his support, besides, she couldn’t deny that he was her best experience so far, she had always secretly longed for an opportunity to get into his pants again since the last time…..she suddenly felt him hit the spot as she moaned uncontrollably squeezing her legs tightly round his waist, their heated moment of passion was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door bringing Jeff back to his senses, he immediately jumped up from on top Lola, “who could that be?” he whispered rushing to find his clothes, “I have no idea” Lola replied silently cursing the person at the door, “It can’t be Lara, she’s not scheduled to return until next week” She added angrily searching for her clothes around the couch, they were still both trying to get dressed when they heard another knock on the door, this time it was followed by the sound of a key being inserted into the keyhole to unlock the door, at that point, they were both fully convinced it was Lara. Jeff’s heart began racing, he glanced round the living room, it was in a total mess; they struggled to get put on their clothes immediately, while Jeff began thinking of a suitable explanation he would give Lara for the bizarre situation she was about to witness…

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