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7 Dangerous things that can happen during rough sex




Do you know that engaging in rigorous sex can be harmful to your health? While some people like it rough and intense, the pleasures derived from the activity is often less compared to the pain and discomfort felt. Occasionally, we hear stories of sex gone wrong. Here are some of the dangerous things that could happen while playing it rough:

  1. Rough sex can damage the lining of the vagina causing vaginal discomfort and pain during urination. It could also lead to a bladder infection called cystitis
  2. During rough sex, the penis could hit the cervix which could cause bleeding and cramping
  3. Penile fracture may occur during rough sex. In the course of rigorous thrusting, the tissues in the penis can be ruptured causing a fracture and immediately resulting to loss of erection. Usually, penile fractures are treated via surgery
  4. Rough sex can make the penis tender and sore and the soreness could last for days
  5. The testicles are very sensitive and even when touched gently, slight pain is not unusual. Rigorous sex would therefore make the testicles very sore
  6. Heart attacks can also occur during rough sex.
  7. Rough sex can also lead to death. You probably have heard of someone dying after being raped or after episodes of intense sexual intercourse

Sex can be very pleasurable and at the same time it could be dangerous and life-threatening. Why should you be hurt by what is meant to give you pleasure? Why should sex damage your health? So, engage in safe sexual act, be considerate of your partner and practice safe sex.

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Mofeyintioluwa is a health enthusiast who has particular interests in nutrition and fitness. She also loves music and enjoys reading Christian biographies. She thinks social work and public health are noble professions. Ultimately, she's exclusively for Jesus.

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