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Now Men too can prevent pregnancy! Male contraceptive gel to be available soon




A male contraceptive gel called Vasalgel has been invented. This product, which has been tested on primates and been found to be 100% effective in preventing conception.

It works by injection of the gel into the tube that transports sperm (vas deferens) in the male sexual organ thus blocking sperm from passing through the tube and into the vagina.



Unlike vasectomy(male sterilization) which when performed can be poorly reversible, the use of vasalgel can be totally reversed with no side effects. Vasalgel has been proven not to interfere with sperm production and also, hormone levels in the body remain unchanged with its use.

Similar to vasectomy, sperm continues to be produced in the testes, but rather than being ejaculated, it dissolves and is naturally absorbed by the body.

Researchers are still working on it and putting everything in place. This means that in the not so distant future, effective male contraceptive would be available and men would begin to take more active roles in pregnancy prevention.

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