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6 warning signs your child is a bully




Children who bully others often exhibit certain traits that make them easily detected. As a parent, once you observe these traits in your child, act fast so you can save not only other children but yours as well. Bullying, if not early detected and properly handled, can continue well into adulthood making such children turn out dysfunctional. Here are some warning signs that your child could be a bully:

  • Your child is aggressive and frequently gets into fights
  • Your child is often summoned by the school authority for a wrongdoing
  • Your child blames others and doesn’t take responsibility for his/her actions
  • Your child is competitive and likes to always be the at the center of attention
  • Your child has behavioral problems and takes you for granted
  • Your child has friends that bully

Once you recognize these warning signs in your child, don’t ignore, justify or tolerate them. Stay calm, talk to your child about the damaging effects bullying has on him/her. It could also be necessary to involve your child’s school. Talk with your child’s teacher or principal as you deem fit. Children who bully other children can be helped if reached out to early enough. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

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