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6 Major reasons you’re suffering from low sex-drive




Lizzy is a woman in her early thirties who is married with two kids. Her husband, Edet is in his late thirties and just like most couples, they engage in regular sexual intercourse. Lately, however, there has been a sudden reduction in the frequency of their sexual union and Lizzy has been more than worried. Edet has never waited for her to initiate sex – he was always in the mood and clearly shows that he enjoys making love to her. For several days now, Edet had not approached her for sex and even when she had attempted to seduce him into having sex with her, he had simply turned her down.

Several thoughts have been going through Lizzy’s mind – “Could he be seeing another woman?” “Could it be that he no longer finds me sexually attractive?” Despite asking her husband what the problem was, and wanting to know if she had offended him in any way, Edet’s response was simply that he wasn’t just in the mood for sex. “How could he not be in the mood for sex?” Lizzy continued to wonder.

She had done everything she could to make him have sex with her, yet nothing had happened. Edet could barely endure the sight of her naked body without wanting to have sex; now he turns his head away from her when she’s undressed. Even when she attempts to get closer and touch him in his sensitive areas, he gently turns her away. What could the problem be?

Lizzy is unaware that Edet has decreased libido, a reduction in sex drive and decreased interest in sexual activity. Decreased libido is a common problem faced by men at different stages in their life. Contrary to popular notion, men are not always in the mood for sex. According to a study, one in five men has low sexual desire.

It is not unusual for a man to have occasional low sex-drive but when it becomes frequent that could be an indication that there is an underlying problem. Low sex-drive in a man can be very disturbing to the man and his partner. If not properly managed, it could significantly affect a couple’s relationship and can lead to other emotional and physical problems. Some of the causes of low libido in men are:


Stress can disrupt the hormone level and when this happens, it restricts the flow of blood causing temporary erectile dysfunction. A man under enormous stress might find sexual arousal difficult or impossible.


Certain medications can lower the testosterone levels in a man which in turn leads to low libido.


Depression leads to loss of interest in every kind of activity, including sex. A depressed man is unlikely to desire to have sex.


Study reveals that as men get older, their testosterone level drops resulting to low sex-drive.

Sleep problems

Not getting enough sleep interferes with a man’s hormone level. Research shows that men who have sleep problems have lower levels of testosterone.


Certain illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol can affect a man’s sex drive.

Treatment of low sex-drive would often involve therapy, medications and lifestyle changes. If you are experiencing low sex-drive and you or your partner is worried about it, you should visit your doctor. It is also important to talk with your partner, explaining how you feel and reassuring her of your love.

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