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MUST READ : 6 Deadly ways taking alcohol can kill you




When you take alcohol, so many things happen to your body that you are not aware of. The effects of alcohol on the body can be very damaging. While consuming alcohol has been touted to be beneficial to the body, the harm it does far outweighs its claimed benefits. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health complications and it increases the risk of developing quite a number of diseases. Alcohol can be addictive; this explains why it is difficult to completely stop taking alcohol once already exposed to it.

Moderation has always been advised when taking alcohol but the problem however is that alcohol can be very tempting and inviting, making consuming it moderately a challenge for a number of people. Even a small amount of alcohol has effect on your body. The best way to protect yourself from the damaging effect of alcohol to the body is to completely abstain from consuming alcohol. Of course, it is an achievable feat, even if you already  consume alcohol. Taking a step toward stopping alcohol consumption is a health-wise decision and one that would help you live longer, happier and healthier.

When you take alcohol, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and affects your body in significant ways. Here are some of the ways alcohol slowly kills/damages your body when you consume alcohol. This should help you make informed decision on the consumption of alcohol.

  • Alcohol damages the pancreas (the organ responsible for the regulation of glucose and insulin in the body). Damage to the pancreas leads to chronic health complications
  • Alcohol damages the liver. The liver is responsible for the elimination of toxic substances in the body. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to an inflammation of the liver. When this happens, a condition called cirrhosis can develop. When the liver is damaged, it can no longer rid the body of toxic substances. In other words, those harmful substances that ought to be eliminated from your body remains. The effect of liver damage is often life-threatening and often times result in death
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), a dangerous health condition, can occur through alcohol consumption. When the pancreas and liver have been damaged, it becomes impossible for the body to regulate glucose in the body due to the absence of insulin

  • Alcohol affects coordination, speech and cognitive abilities. Long-term alcohol consumption can shrink the frontal lobes of the brain. It can lead to dementia and brain damage
  • Body pain, numbness in the feet and hands and eye problems are all effects of alcohol in the body
  • Alcohol damages the digestive system. Some of the effects include: heartburn, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, ulcers, abdominal fullness and malnutrition
  • Alcohol affects the respiratory system leading to health problems like: heart attack, heart failure, stroke and high blood pressure
  • Alcohol consumption leads to erectile dysfunction in men. The effect of alcohol is even more damaging to a woman’s body. It could lead to reduced/complete stopping of menstrual flow, infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and premature delivery. Babies given birth to buy mothers who consumed alcohol during pregnancy could develop serious long-term birth defects
  • Alcohol weakens the immune system. A weakened immune system makes the body prone to illnesses including cancer

The effect of alcohol in the body also goes beyond physical damages. It affects emotionally and mentally. According to a study, alcohol abuse is responsible for up to 65% of suicides yearly. Likewise, it is responsible for over 80,000 deaths yearly. Alcohol consumption not only affects the individual,it also significantly affects loved ones in significant ways that cannot be quantified.



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