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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

WARNING: High-heels and other dangerous things you MUST avoid while pregnant




The news of being pregnant can be a very exciting one for a woman, her spouse and loved ones. The duration of months a woman is pregnant is often characterized by care from spouse and loved ones, frequent hospital visits and many other things. The state of pregnancy is a very delicate one; therefore pregnant women are always encouraged to take safety precautions to ensure that all goes well throughout their period of pregnancy and beyond.

Here are some of the things a pregnant woman should avoid:

  • Alcohol consumption. Alcohol is extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman because her baby could be given birth to with permanent defects. Alcohol can be transferred to the baby’s blood leading to a damage in the baby’s cells. Such babies are often born deformed
  • Tight-fitting clothes. While it appears to be the trend for pregnant women to wear tight fitting clothes to show-off their baby bump, wearing tight clothes as a pregnant woman actually does more harm than good. Some of the things that could happen include: heartburn, reduced/stoppage of blood circulation in certain parts of the body, body pain and yeast infection
  • Excessive caffeine consumption. This can restrict the baby’s growth and increase the risk of low-birth weight. Low-birth weight has been linked with increased risk of infant death and a higher risk of chronic diseases later in life. Caffeine is found in cocoa, tea, coffee and soft-drinks
  • Constantly wearing high-heels. This can cause: mild to severe lower back pain, less balance which makes tripping over or falling more likely, and stretched muscles in the ankle and calf which leads to pain
  • Excessive consumption of junk and highly processed foods. Consuming these foods which are high in calories but very low in nutritional benefit can lead to excess weight gain during pregnancy. These foods are very high in sugar, salt and fat; making them unhealthy for a pregnant woman. Excess weight gain during pregnancy has been linked to many complications and diseases
  • Consuming certain foods like raw/partially cooked eggs, liver and under-cooked meats/poultry. This can increase the risk of being infected with bacteria found in these foods in their uncooked/partially cooked state.

Once a woman is pregnant, she is advised to immediately register at the clinic if she is yet to do so and to regularly attend ante-natal clinics. The importance of ante-natal cannot be overemphasized; if every instruction given is strictly followed and adhered to, all should go well.

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