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8 Important things you must know about ringworm and how to protect your skin




Ringworm is a very common infection of the skin. It is caused by a fungus and not a worm and it affects both humans and animals.

How is ringworm identified?

It appears as a ring-shaped tiny rash on your skin. The patch of skin in the center of the ring-shaped rash is smooth, scaly and dry.

What are the symptoms of ringworm?

The spot is very itchy, red and it spreads to other parts of your body.

Where does ringworm occur on the body?

The scalp and anywhere there is skin on the body. This includes the face, hands, buttocks, legs and groin area.

Are there any heath risks posed by ringworm?

Ringworm does not pose a health risk; however, symptoms can be disturbing and very distressing. It can reoccur even after successful treatment and can take months for it to be completely eradicated.

How is ringworm contracted?

Through skin contact with someone who is already infected, animals already infected and direct contact with the fungus from the soil.

What are the risk factors for being infected?

Weak immune system, wearing tight clothes, constant skin to skin contact with others, exposure to a person/animal already infected, living in damp and moist surrounding and sharing clothing, bedding and towels with an infected person.

How is ringworm treated?

Using anti-fungal over the counter creams, certain home treatments like vinegar and garlic. In severe cases, visit to the hospital is necessary. Oral anti-fungal drugs, creams and ointments can be prescribed by the doctor.

What are the safety measures to be taken to prevent ringworm?

Taking special care of the skin through regular washing, wearing loose clothing, keeping the groin area dry, avoiding skin contact with an infected person or animal.



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