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Sugar consumption found to increase the risk of liver disease among children and teenagers




Fructose, also known as fruit sugar is a form of sugar that is naturally occurring in honey, fruits and vegetables. Fructose is often added to foods and drinks as sweeteners. A study has established that consumption of diets high in fructose other than the one obtained in natural foods, increases the risk of teenagers and children developing liver disease. A diet high in fructose in the form of added sugars have serious implications on the health. High fructose diet makes the liver synthesize fats which are exported as cholesterol which leads to: high levels of cholesterol in the body, fat surrounding body organs and ultimately liver disease. Liver disease is a serious health complication that can lead to death.

According to the study, children who consume biscuits, soft drinks, pizzas, snacks and other junks in large amounts and regularly, increases their risk of developing liver disease due to the high level of fructose in those items they consume. Feeding on junks has also been largely linked to the cause of obesity in children and teenagers. Obesity is one of the major health problems in the world today.

There are healthier alternatives to junks and sweetened foods. While these alternatives are not only beneficial to the body, they can also taste good too. If you are a parent, ensure you feed your children with healthy meals. Curb your children from regularly feeding on junks and educate them on the dangers of junks on the body.

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