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4 major reasons you MUST get rid of that pot belly now




Belly fat is never flattering for a man. Regardless of a man’s height and physique, a protruding stomach makes him less attractive. Unlike women, quite a number of men do not care very much about their weight, therefore making them susceptible to weight gain and most especially, belly fat.

So many factors are responsible for belly fat in men. Alcohol consumption, excess food consumption, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet constitute the most common reasons why men develop belly fat. In our society, much emphasis is placed on a woman’s appearance. Thus, the average woman cares about her body and would therefore strive to ensure she continues to look fit. On the other hand, men are not under such pressure. It is therefore so easy for a man to be negligent about his weight and appearance.

It is fact that some men take extra care of their body and pride themselves in looking fit. It’s not hard to spot such men; they often look smart and attractive. Beyond the aesthetic appeal that being fit gives men, there are several reasons why belly fat should not be tolerated by men. Belly fat should be viewed as a threat and not as a sign of affluence or being well-fed, for it is truly a threat – a threat to life.

Belly fat, known as visceral fat, is said to be the most dangerous fat in the body because of its location – the abdomen. The abdomen consists of vital organs in the body crucial to survival and well-being. When these vital organs are surrounded with so much fat, it increases the likelihood of serious diseases and illnesses, including death. Here are 4 reasons why belly fat is dangerous for you:

  • Belly fat has been proven to interfere with testosterone production. Belly fat reduces the testosterone level in men resulting in low libido. Erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems are common among men with excess belly fat
  • The amount of belly fat in a man’s body increases his risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and some other diseases including cancer
  • Excess belly fat has been found to increase the risk of memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Belly fat makes the bone weak and can eventually lead to bone loss. Studies prove that men with excess belly fat do not absorb calcium efficiently. Calcium makes the bones in the body strong and healthy. The excess weight created by the fat puts a lot of pressure on the bones making the bones weak

Exercise, avoiding junks and highly processed foods, healthy diet, eating moderately, alcohol avoidance, not skipping breakfast and good sleep are some of the ways a man can ensure he does not develop belly fat and if he already has one, can get rid of it. The four reasons highlighted above should be enough motivation for you to desire to be fit. So, if you are not already, you should get to work.

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Mofeyintioluwa is a health enthusiast who has particular interests in nutrition and fitness. She also loves music and enjoys reading Christian biographies. She thinks social work and public health are noble professions. Ultimately, she's exclusively for Jesus.