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Important things everyone must know about heat rash and how to prevent it




Heat rash is a very common skin problem that occurs mostly when the weather is hot and humid. Heat rash is an indication that the skin pores have been blocked and sweat is trapped beneath the skin. Heat rash can be quite uncomfortable and painful. There are different types of heat rash namely: miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra and miliaria profunda. 

The first type usually occur in babies and children. This type of heat rash does not itch and is not painful.

The second type occurs mostly in adults. This type occurs deeper in the skin and usually creates a level of discomfort and pain.

The third type of heat rash is the most severe and least common. It usually occurs in adults.

General symptoms of heat rash include:

  • white/red bumps filled with fluid on the surface of the skin
  • itchiness and stingy sensation
  • lack of sweat in the affected area
  • soreness and inflammation of the skin

Hot weather, sweating from intense physical activity, wearing tight clothes, and using thick lotions and creams can lead to heat rash. Heat rash does not pose a health risk, however, symptoms can be unpleasant. Heat rash often disappears after few days without treatment. Nevertheless, if symptoms are found unbearable, some of the things that can be done include:

  • taking regular cool baths
  • avoiding tight clothing
  • use of antiseptic powders prepared for prickly heat
  • avoiding scratching
  • avoiding the use of ointments and lotions

After an episode of heat rash, a scar often forms on the skin. With time, the skin may heal and return to its previous state depending on how the rash was managed.


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