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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 26: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



continued from episode 25
“Your sister Lola? The one who identified the body?” the inspector asked looking confused, “yes my sister Lola” Lara replied, “Mrs. Balogun, do you realise what you’re saying? you’re accusing your own sister of killing your husband” the inspector said, “I know what I’m saying inspector, I have every reason to believe she did it” Lara replied, “this is a very serious allegation” the inspector said thinking carefully about what Lara said, “how can you prove that she was responsible?” the inspector asked, “I don’t have proof but I have facts” Lara replied, “I think we need to continue this conversation in the office” the inspector said walking towards the door and motioning for her to follow him, “my boss needs to hear what you have to say too” he added.


“So what is this I’m hearing?” the inspector general asked Lara after she was comfortably seated in his office, “my colleague told me that you made a very serious allegation against your sister” he said, “yes she killed my husband” she repeated with all confidence, “how do you know this?” the inspector asked sinking in his chair and playing with the pen he was holding. “Like I told your colleague earlier, I have no proof that she did it but I have facts to suggest that she had reasons to do it” she replied, “what facts are you talking about?” the inspector asked, “it all started one day when I returned from one of my many official trips” Lara began narrating, “it was our wedding anniversary so I’d planned to surprise Jeff; I didn’t tell him or Lola that I was going to return that day so they both weren’t expecting me” she continued,
“When I reached the house, however, I didn’t receive the warm welcome I was expecting from Jeff; he seemed to be more shocked than excited to see me when he answered the door. I didn’t think anything of it until we went for dinner that night and they both disappeared from our dinner table, one after the other; I thought nothing of that either because I was to engrossed with trying to send an important message to my boss, I was using Jeff’s phone at that time because mine had issues connecting to the internet; it was while I was still using it that a message came into his phone, at first I didn’t bother to look at it until I noticed it was from Lola, I became very curious and stopped what I was doing to read the message. She was asking him to meet her in the bathroom, I guess she never knew I was with Jeff’s phone. I was so furious that my heart began racing, I was having palpitations like my mother used to have 10 years ago before it was discovered that she had hyperthyroidism.”

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland located at the base of the neck just below the Adam’s apple produces too much of a certain hormone called thyroxine which can lead to sudden weight loss, a fast or irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating and nervousness. It can serious if ignored. Every aspect of our metabolism is regulated by thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism can be treated using anti-thyroid medications to slow the production of hormones, sometimes surgery is necessary to remove all or part of the thyroid gland for relief of symptoms.
“I was going to meet them at the bathroom to find out what was going on when I was interrupted by a silly waiter who thought we were trying to run away without paying for our meal, it was because of him that I couldn’t catch them red handed doing whatever they went to do in the bathroom, although, Jeff had a good back up story planned when he returned, I was still very suspicious, my instincts told me there was something wrong so I pretended to be tired on our way home and went straight to bed when we returned, I knew they might think I was fast asleep and try to continue something so I waited a while for Jeff to come up to the room but as expected he was taking a while. After a few minutes, I quietly tiptoed out of the room and headed downstairs to the guest room, it was halfway down that I realised they were having a conversation in the kitchen, I could hear them quite well from the kitchen which was right beside the staircase; I stood there eavesdropping, I overheard them talking about how they barely escaped getting caught sleeping with each other, Lola sounded angry that Jeff had stopped paying much attention to her since my arrival. I was furious that my husband and my own sister would betray me, I felt hurt that the two people I’d trusted the most had stabbed me in the back” she said bursting into tears.
“So what did you do afterwards?” the inspector general asked offering her a tissue, “nothing” she replied, “nothing?” He asked, “you found out your husband and sister had been having an affair and you did nothing?” the inspector asked looking in disbelief, “what was I supposed to do? I was too devastated to confront them immediately so I ran back to my room and pretended to be asleep even after Jeff came in. I didn’t want him to know that I knew what was going on, I needed time to decide on what to do next, I was contemplating divorcing him or sending my sister packing but I felt I needed time to think things through first. Luckily, my official trip to Kenya was scheduled shortly after the incident, I was glad I had an opportunity to go far away from both of them so I could think clearly” she explained
“I intentionally did not roam my phone and I kept delaying getting a phone line over there and blaming it on too much work because I didn’t want to hear from any of them, I needed to be on my own. That was why they were only able to reach me via emails” she said.
“So what had you decided to do when you finally got back?” the inspector asked, “I had made up my mind to forgive Jeff and send Lola packing, I was going to try to work things out between us mainly for Jojo’s sake, I didn’t want her growing up in a broken home so I had to send the devil in our household packing.” She replied,
“Where you ever planning to tell them about what you discovered?” He questioned further, “of course I was! How else would I have justified sending my sister packing?” Lara replied.
“Does she have any idea that you know about what you just told us?” the inspector asked, “she doesn’t” Lara responded shaking her head, “I was going to tell both of them when I returned from my trip, I didn’t know I wasn’t going to meet Jeff alive, I didn’t know she’d be so callous to commit murder, I had no idea that her jealousy had eaten so deep…” Lara wailed out loudly, “calm down, madam; it’s okay!” the inspector general said handing her another tissue, “I think you should go home to get some rest, the last 24 hours must’ve been really hectic for you”
“It has” Lara responded wiping her tears with the tissue handed to her, “everything is happening so fast” she replied.
“One of my officers will take you back home now” the inspector general offered, “but do us a favour and don’t mention what you just told us to anyone at all, not even your sister” the inspector general requested, “I need her to be taken by surprise when my men come to arrest her…”

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