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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 29: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



…continued from episode 28
“What is going on?” Lara pondered dropping her phone with trembling hands, she was very frightened at the call she received. Keeping her hands on the steering wheel or legs on the throttle was becoming a challenge, they both felt like they were turning to jelly. She was having so much tremors that she could easily be mistaken for a person with Parkinson’s disease.
Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system affecting movement, it develops gradually, usually starting with a barely noticeable tremor in the hands and progressing to stiffness or slowing of movement. The cause is unknown, however, genetic factors and environmental factors such as exposure to certain toxic chemicals are thought to increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. In early stages of the disease, the sufferers may begin to lack facial expressions, their speech may become soft, slurred and monotonous and they may have problems with maintaining their posture and balance. Symptoms usually worsen over time. There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s, but there are drugs that help to improve its symptoms. Surgery called deep brain stimulation is sometimes recommended in people who do not respond to drugs.
“What could the caller possibly be referring to? What could he have seen?” Lara pondered, “could he possibly have found out the secret I’ve been keeping from everyone?” She thought to herself, “no, that’s impossible, there’s no way” she argued within herself, “no one could possibly have found out. He definitely saw nothing” she convinced herself, “but if he didn’t, then what was that call about? How did the caller get her number?”, she pulled over to the side of the road and tried calling the number back but the phone was switched off, ” why would the caller switch off his phone? could it be that the police is using alternative means to test me? Perhaps they’re trying to see if I’ll fall for the trap.” Lara thought, “well, I’m no fool, I won’t fall for it .” She thought to herself starting the engine “I’m smarter than that” she whispered driving off again.
Aunty Fanny sat in her chair just staring idly at the TV, she couldn’t help but ponder over how everything had gone downhill, she was pretty much back to square one with no Jeff, Lara or Lola; just her and Jojo.
Jojo on the other hand wasn’t helping matters, she wouldn’t stop calling for her parents every now and then, Aunty Fanny had tried everything she could to distract her attention from them but somehow she wouldn’t stop babbling their names.
“Poor child” Aunty Fanny thought staring at Jojo pitifully, “I can’t wait to set my eyes on the beast who killed her father, I’ll make sure he pays dearly for making her fatherless” she muttered under her breadth. Deep down, she was convinced that Lola was innocent, her instincts told her so, but there was no way she could prove her innocence without evidence.
Just as she sat, thinking, her phone began to to ring, it was a call coming in from a strange number, she hurriedly picked her phone thinking it must be one of the inspectors calling to give her an update of some sort, “hello inspector” she unconsciously answered, “this is not the inspector” the caller replied, “oh! I’m sorry, I mistook you for one, I’ve been waiting to hear from them” she explained politely, “that’s fine, I’ll accept the apology” the caller replied sarcastically, “who am I speaking with?” Aunty Fanny asked, “let’s just say I’m omnipresent” the caller replied, “omnipresent? That’s an adjective” Aunty Fanny replied looking confused, “yes it is madam, I’m impressed that you still remember your English language lessons at school” the caller replied sarcastically, “however, in this context, omnipresent is a noun and it’s my name” the caller responded, “are you saying your parents named you omnipresent?” Aunty Fanny asked, “well, not exactly, it’s just a name I like to call myself.”the caller responded, “strange fellow you are indeed!” Aunty Fanny replied shaking her head, “so how can I help you omnipresent one?” She sarcastically replied, “I have some important information” the caller responded, “information? What kind of information?” Aunty Fanny asked curiously, “information, I know would interest you” the caller responded, “really? I hope you’re not about to ask for any money because I don’t have any to give you” Aunty Fanny replied thinking the call must be scam, “I’m not asking for your money” the caller responded, “would you just allow me talk, I really don’t have much time” he added getting rather frustrated with Aunty Fanny’s many interruptions. “I haven’t said you shouldn’t talk, all I’m saying is, I don’t have anything to offer if what you’re about to say comes with a price tag”.
“I know who killed Mr Balogun” the caller blurted out ignoring her statement, “what did you just say?” Aunty Fanny asked sitting up and clinging tightly to her phone, “you know who killed Jeff? Who are you? Please tell me” she begged, “I’ve answered that question already” the caller responded, “I’ll call you back at 7am tomorrow to tell you where to meet me, I have all the details of the killer with evidence” the caller added, “I must warn you though, you mustn’t tell a living soul about this, not even your dog” the caller sternly warned, “but I don’t even have one” Aunty Fanny responded still a little confused, “well, I haven’t said you do, I’m just trying to say you should keep it to yourself” the caller snapped getting frustrated at Aunty Fanny’s naïve responses, “don’t come with anyone tomorrow,not even your dog, I repeat.” the caller warned again, “but what if…” Aunty Fanny tried to ask before stopping her sentence midway when she realised the caller had hung up. “Who could this person be and what does he really want?” She wondered staring hard at her phone…

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