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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 30: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



continued from episode 29.

Lara was still very shaken by the call she had received earlier when she got home, she no longer felt safe staying alone in the house but she didn’t want to move back in with Aunty Fanny, she knew Aunty Fanny might start to suspect that something was wrong and she didn’t want that
Looking around her once lovely apartment, the place she once called home, it was hard to believe it was the same house that had once held beautiful memories for her; it had now become a nightmare to live in and suddenly felt cold and empty.
She fought back the tears rolling down her cheeks as she reminisced on her time with her beautiful family, “where did I go wrong?” She thought to herself, she remembered the first day she moved into the house with Jeff, it had been the happiest day of her life, he had promised her that he would never have anything to do with any other woman, even in death and she believed every word, she trusted Jeff with her life. Lara was not one to handle betrayal of any form with an open mind and forgiving spirit, she couldn’t stand it. That was one of the many reasons she loved Jeff and married him, he had never cheated on her and she knew she could trust him not to break his promise. He had stood by her and kept to his word even when family and friends had advised him to take another wife when they thought she could not bear him a child; their love stood the test of time and she was prepared to even die for him until the day she found out he was sleeping with her sister and everything suddenly changed.
“How could he have betrayed her like that? How could her only sister do that to her?” She remembered the look she saw on Lola’s face when Jeff kissed her in the restaurant on their wedding anniversary, she thought she had spotted a tint of jealousy in her eyes but she waved it off as a figment of her imagination, until she saw the suspicious text from her on Jeff’s phone and figured out something wasn’t right. For the first time in their marriage, Jeff had lied to her, she could tell he was lying, it was written all over his face, she felt hurt that he would lie to her but she pretended not to notice and waited for the right time to catch them both red handed.
That same night, an opportunity had presented itself and with their own mouths, they had confessed their sins of betrayal towards her without even knowing that she could hear them.
Just the thought of both of them together filled with rage, picturing a sweaty Jeff naked on top of Lola made her want to shoot them both in the head while they were on top of each other, starting with Jeff for not controlling his manhood.
She let the hurt she felt eat her up so much on the inside that with time she started to come up with all sorts of evil ways to harm them.
One day, she said to herself “why let it remain a thought? When I could actually make them pay for what they did to me?”
She had been nurturing the idea of revenge so much in her head till it became a desire, the more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t wait to see it happen. Finally an opportunity presented itself, her boss cancelled the official trip to Kenya because the foreign clients shifted the date of the meeting but rather than reveal that her trip had been cancelled, she pretended to go ahead with the trip. She allowed Jeff to drop her off at the airport by himself so he wouldn’t suspect a thing, then lodged in a hotel on the outskirts of town and waited patiently till it was time to carry out her evil plan.
That fateful evening, she had gone to the house at a time when she knew only Jeff would be home, she was surprised to find the door unlocked when she tried unlocking it with her keys; slowly, she let herself in shutting the door quietly. She remembered the look on his face, he looked shocked to see her, “I thought you had traveled, what are you doing here?” he had asked, “oh! You’re surprised to see me here” she replied, “you’re sad I’m here to interrupt your ‘sexcapades’ with my little sister right?”, “what are you talking about?” he had asked looking confused, “I think you’re getting things mixed up here”,
“I know what I saw” she had argued, “I heard everything. You liar!” she shouted, “you confessed with your own lips to sleeping with her”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, it wasn’t me!” He had replied, “don’t give me that crap” she had screamed pulling out a pen knife from her pocket, “you know how much I hate it when you lie to me”
“Please just calm down” he begged moving back, “I assure you it wasn’t me” ;those words sent an alarm going off in her head, she hated that he was lying to her even after everything.
she felt her arms swing the knife into his abdomen stabbing him multiple times till he took his last breath, she was so full of rage that she didn’t realise what she was doing till she had snuffed the life out of him.
It was only then that she realised what her rage had led her into doing,everything had happened so fast, in the twinkle of an eye, she had just murdered the only man she truly loved with her own bare hands.
She wept bitterly and vowed to make her sister pay for tearing her home apart. Angrily, she ran up to Lola’s room to pick something she could find to pin the murder to her; she grabbed the first item she saw when she entered the room which was a bracelet lying on the table.
Nightfall was drawing near and she knew Lola could come in any minute.
She hurriedly dragged his lifeless body through the backdoor in the kitchen, his body was so heavy that her hands ached so much with each pull. Finally, when she succeeded in dragging it to the door, she placed a large wheel barrow at the entrance pushing the body in and covering it up with trash bags. The passage at the back of the house was usually isolated so she went through the back passing through a small gate that separated their compound from the street behind them. Carefully, she wheeled the corpse in the barrow, like Jeff usually did with the trash every weekend all the way down the deserted road till she reached the nearby uncompleted building,where they usually dumped their trash.


After looking round to be sure no one was near, she emptied the corpse onto the ground and took time to tear his shirt and entangle Lola’s bracelet at the sleeves to create the impression that there was some struggle before the murder.
When her mission was completed, she went back to her hotel room on the outskirts of town and waited to hear news of his death.
There was no night that went by without her having nightmares about that horrible day, she regretted losing control of her emotions and vowed to make sure Lola went to prison for tearing her family apart. The nightmares were so embarrassing that she would wake up screaming sometimes. It was one of the main reasons she had to leave Aunty Fanny’s place before she started to get suspicious.
Eventually it became apparent that she was going through a period of post-traumatic stress disorder, an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful or frightening events such as witnessing violent deaths, being a victim of robbery, kidnap, terrorist attacks, natural disasters etc .
Post-traumatic stress disorder usually results in nightmares and flashbacks of such events, feeling of irritability, guilt and sometimes insomnia. It can happen immediately after experiencing such events or weeks, months or even years after. It is a mental disorder that can be treated with psychotherapy and anti-depressant drugs, if the victim does not recover on his own after a period of time.
Thoughts of Jeff gasping for air with blood on her hands flashed through her mind and she screamed, the terrible flashbacks were becoming too frequent.
“I can’t stand this anymore” she thought to herself, “I need a change of environment” she muttered thinking of what to do next, “Yesss! I know what to do” she suddenly shouted having a eureka moment, “I’ll go to Ghana. Yes Ghana. It’s the best option for now” she convinced herself, “I’ll pick Jojo from Aunty Fanny’s tomorrow and take the last flight to Ghana to start a new life…”

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