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How can i tell if my child has the childhood disorder called Autism?




  1. Autism is a disorder that affects a child’s neurological (in relation to the brain) and developmental functions. It is a condition that affects thinking, communication, learning and interaction.
  2. It starts in childhood and spans for a lifetime.
  3. The cause of autism is not known; however genes and environment are believed to play important roles in its development.
  4. Symptoms vary in intensity, and while some people have mild symptoms, others have severe symptoms that significantly affect every aspect of their life.
  5. People suffering from the disorder may avoid eye contacts, engage in repetitive behaviors, have limited interests in activities, repeat sentences over and over again and engage in compulsive behaviors.
  6. A person suffering from the condition may have trouble understanding another person’s point of view, responding appropriately to other people’s actions and reactions, and responding promptly when their name is called or when other attempts are made to get their attention.
  7. The condition cannot be cured but can be effectively managed. Treatments to manage the condition usually include therapies, drugs and skill trainings.

A person suffering from autism needs all the help, love and support they can get. They should never be abused, blamed, discriminated against and looked down upon. If you have someone close to you who is suffering from the condition, you should provide support and encouragement and help him/her in ways that you can.

People with autism have amazing intellectual abilities; they usually have very high IQs, they can learn things in detail and remember information for a very long period of time, more than the average person. They also have unique talents and abilities. They are especially gifted in the field of music, science, art and math.

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