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MUST READ: 5 Amazing benefits of circumcising your male child




Male circumcision is a very common practice in certain parts of the world. A baby boy is usually born with a covering over the head of his penis. Circumcision is a procedure where this covering, also known as foreskin is surgically removed.

Although mostly performed few days after a baby is born, adult males can also be circumcised. In Nigeria, male circumcision is widely practiced, and this is done either in the hospital or locally.

Parents who decide to circumcise their son may have reasons for doing so. These reasons could be either religious or traditional in nature. At other times, it s believed that circumcision has certain health benefits and not doing so could be potentially dangerous. These are some facts about circumcision you should know:

  • Circumcision is neither essential or detrimental to the health of the male gender
  • The procedure may be delayed or not performed at all on babies born prematurely or who have other conditions
  • It does not affect fertility
  • It neither enhances or hinders sexual performance and sexual pleasure for both the man and his partner

Although sufficient supporting evidence to medically recommend or argue against circumcision has not been found, there is some evidence that circumcision has certain benefits:

  • It can prevent urinary tract infections in babies
  • Circumcision makes the penis easier to clean
  • It can prevent inflammation of the glans and foreskin
  • It reduces the risk of some sexually transmitted diseases in adult men
  • It protects against cancer of the penis and reduces the risk of cervical cancer in female sexual partners




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