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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 32: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



continued from episode 31.
“Please calm down, Aunty” Jeff said finally speaking up, “you’re not seeing things, it’s really me” he said pointing to himself, “I’m not dead, I’m alive” he said beating his chest, “come over here and have a sit madam” Omnipresent said pulling Aunty Fanny away from the wall, “ghosts don’t exist and I assure you that you’re not hallucinating because I can see him too.”
Hallucinations are situation in which an individual perceives sensations of sight, hearing, taste and smell that aren’t really present, the sensations exist only in the person’s mind.
They could be caused by a variety of factors including taking illegal drugs or alcohol,mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or dementia, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, epilepsy, certain brain tumours and even bereavement. The treatment usually depends on the cause but involves mainly taking certain drugs to treat the condition and the use of psychotherapy.
Hesitantly, Aunty Fanny followed his lead sitting slowly on the chair in front of her, she didn’t take her eyes off Jeff for a second just incase he disappeared and reappeared beside her.
“So if you’re not a ghost then who’s corpse is lying there in the mortuary?” Aunty Fanny asked still staring at Jeff,

“it’s a long story” Jeff replied with a sigh,

“cut it short then” Aunty Fanny snapped, “okay, if you insist…he’s my twin” Jeff replied, “your twin?” Aunty Fanny repeated, “what do you mean by that?”
“Apparently, I’ve always had a twin I never knew about” Jeff began, “I only found out about him about 2 weeks ago when he reached out to me on Facebook.”Jeff explained, “He had actually sent the message much earlier but I never saw it because I’m not one to keep up with social media; as a matter of fact, I only logged into my account on the fateful day I saw his message because I was looking for alternative means to reach Lara when she arrived in Kenya, before I received an email from her.”Jeff explained,
“He had introduced himself as my brother from another mother; initially, I had thought it was a scam until I looked closely at his picture and saw a replica of myself in Clothes I’d never worn and in places I’d never been to. I was amazed at how that was possible, I thought it could be a photo trick but it looked too real to be fake, so I engaged him in conversation and discovered he wasn’t based in the country, as a matter of fact, he had been taken out of the country by his parents since after his primary school education and had never returned since then.” Jeff narrated,
“Your story is still not making sense” Aunty Fanny interrupted trying her best to understand what Jeff was trying to say.
“Just listen” Jeff pleaded, “I’m sure by the time I’m done telling the story, it’d make more sense”
“I’m listening” Aunty Fanny replied, adjusting her position to sit more comfortably on the chair, she seemed to be calming down gradually.
“He was really overjoyed that I had finally responded to his message as he did not know any other way to reach me. He requested for my phone number and I obliged him; I was curious to solve the mystery. When I finally spoke to him on phone, I was amazed to find that he sounded exactly like me, the only difference was that he talked in calmer tones. It felt so unreal, it was almost like a movie.” Jeff narrated,
“So how come we never heard of him before now?” Aunty Fanny asked, “that’s exactly what I asked” Jeff responded,


“Apparently, he only found out about me a couple of weeks before he tried reaching me. His mother had just confessed to him on her dying bed that he was adopted and as if that wasn’t shocking enough to swallow, she had added that he had an identical twin brother.
She told him the story of how she had been unable to have a child for many years, and eventually had to settle for adoption when all efforts to have a child of her own failed.
She had gone to an orphanage to adopt a new born but the only ones available at the time were him and I. Another woman who turned out to be my mother was also facing the same predicament and had already concluded plans to adopt us much earlier. When she heard the news, she decided to contact my mother at all costs because she was desperate, she had been under a lot of pressure to bear a child from her in-laws. With the help of one of the workers at the orphanage, she was able to reach her and explain her situation, my mother had compassion on her after hearing her story and agreed to allow her take the second child.

The staff at the orphanage had named us Jeff and Jason, our mothers had decided not to change the names just incase they needed to identify us in future and that was how Jason’s mother was able to recall my full name when she told him the story.
Jason’s father was later transferred to an international branch of the multinational firm where he worked, so ,he moved away with his family and never returned.
Mum and dad on the other hand, never mentioned to me that I was adopted or even had a twin, I think they must’ve planned to tell me when they felt the time was right, not knowing that death would snatch them away in a ghastly motor accident.” Jeff reasoned aloud.
“Oh! Oh! Oh” Aunty Fanny exclaimed sitting up in her chair, “everything suddenly makes sense now” she said nodding her head, “I always knew your mother’s pregnancy was staged and I told your father back then, but he never listened to me; all he did was laugh it off, meanwhile, he had been aware of it the whole time” Aunty Fanny explained suddenly realising that she had been fooled for many years.

“So, if Jason isn’t based here then what was he doing at your place on the night he was murdered?” Aunty Fanny asked, “how did he get inside the house?”

“Hmm” Jeff said letting out another huge sigh, “that’s another very long story”…

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