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MARRIED TO A STRANGER 33: Health and Marriage

Dr. O.



continued from episode 32
“Go ahead, I’m all ears” Aunty Fanny said listening intently, “Okay, I will. After, I was fully convinced that he was my twin” Jeff began, “he proposed that we met; he was so excited that he had finally found me while I on the other hand was still trying to come to terms with the fact that not only did I have a brother I didn’t know about, but he was also my exact replica, we looked so identical; it was the weirdest feeling ever.”
Identical twins or monozygotic twins are formed after a sperm cell from the male partner fertilises an egg from the female partner forming what is called a zygote or fertilised egg; this zygote or fertilised egg splits into two creating what is known as monozygotic or identical twins. On the other hand, dizygotic or non-identical twins are formed when two eggs are released simultaneously from the ovaries and fertilised by two different sperm cells. In rare cases, it is possible for the two eggs to be fertilised by sperm cells from two different men, if the woman has multiple sexual partners, hence, the twins will have two different fathers.
“He offered to come over since he hadn’t visited the country since he left and it’d be easier and faster for him to arrange his travel documents than it would be for me.” Jeff continued.
“I’d had wanted for him to visit at a time Lara was around because I wanted to see the look on her face when she saw Jason but he insisted that he would come earlier so that he could use the opportunity to visit some of his other relatives that he hadn’t seen in a while; he had promised he would stay till Lara returned so that he could meet her too” Jeff explained.
“The fateful evening he was murdered, was the first time I would ever meet him. He had just arrived from the airport as cheerful as can be, I remember picking him up at the arrivals section of the International airport; It hadn’t been difficult to find him, all I had to do was look for myself in the crowd of people strolling out till I finally spotted him. He spotted me just around the same time, and was waving and jumping like an excited toddler. We hugged each other like long lost brothers and got along so well, we chatted away like we’d known each other for years. Finally, when we’d gotten home and relaxed a bit, he requested for a beer to drink, unfortunately, I didn’t have any at home since I’m not much of a drinker, so I offered to go to a nearby grocery store to stock the house with some cans of beer for him; I was only away for about 30 minutes.
When I returned, I heard him talking to someone, I remember he kept shouting, “it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it”, I had assumed he was on the phone until I heard another voice reply him, it was a female voice that sounded so much like Lara’s but it didn’t make sense that it was her because she was supposed to be in Kenya at that time. I opened the door gently and peeped to see what was going on and I saw Lara standing there holding a knife and arguing with him, she was accusing him of sleeping with Lola and he was trying his best to convince her that it wasn’t him but she wasn’t hearing any of it. I was too shocked to react, different thoughts were going through my mind, I wondered What Lara was doing standing there with a knife when she was supposed to be in kenya and How she knew about my affair with Lola.
She looked really angry and was filled with rage, I could tell she wasn’t thinking reasonably. I was going to step forward to intervene when she suddenly raised the hand holding the knife and stabbed him Jason in the abdomen. I was shocked to my bones, I stood there terrified. I couldn’t believe she had intended to kill me.
“How could my own wife want me dead?” I kept thinking as my heart began racing, I feared that if she found out she’d killed the wrong person and I was still alive, she might attempt to kill me too, so I quietly left the house shutting the door behind me and fled.
I didn’t want to go somewhere she could easily find me, so I ended up here at an old friend’s place; I knew his place would be safe because she’d never met him before, besides it’s on the outskirts of town.
My plan was to lay low for sometime and think of a way to reveal what I saw without getting killed in the process by people who might think I was a ghost or an evil spirit or worse still, Lara herself.
It was Chukwudi here, who you know as Omnipresent that advised that I acted swiftly before things got out of hand and that was when we came up with plans to start making the phone calls to you” Jeff explained,
“So you mean to tell me that Lara is responsible for the murder?” Aunty Fanny asked still pondering on what Jeff said, “Yes she is” Jeff replied, “I’m as shocked as you are, I never knew she was capable of such evil” Jeff replied.
“And to think she knew she was responsible all the while and she sat and watched Lola get arrested for a crime she committed” Aunty Fanny added, “such a wicked world” she said shaking her head.
“Wait! Are you saying Lola is in police custody?” Jeff asked, “yes she is” Aunty Fanny replied “and they are refusing to grant her any bail because they are convinced she’s the murderer. We must go to the police station immediately to let the inspector general know everything you’ve just told me.” Aunty Fanny suggested.
“That’s a good idea” Omnipresent replied, “we can’t continue to let an innocent person suffer. Lara must be made to pay”
“Oh my God!” Aunty Fanny suddenly exclaimed, “what’s the matter?” Jeff asked, “I just remembered something” Aunty Fanny replied looking very worried, “what is it?” Omnipresent asked, “Lara is on her way out of the country” Aunty Fanny announced, “On her way out of the country?” Jeff asked, “to where?”
“She’s going to Ghana and if I remember correctly, her flight is scheduled to leave at 6pm. We have just 2 hours to stop her” Aunty Fanny said,
“What on earth is she going to Ghana to do?” Jeff asked looking confused, “There’s no time for explanations now, we have to be on our way.” Aunty Fanny replied with obvious urgency in her voice.
“It took me almost 2 hours to get here and I’m guessing it takes the same amount of time, if not even longer to get back to town” Aunty Fanny said.”we don’t have much time left”
“How long did she say she was going away for?” Jeff asked.
“She told me she was only going for a few weeks” Aunty Fanny replied, “but if my suspicions are anything to go by, she is probably running away with Jojo and if we don’t leave now, we may never see any of them again”…

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