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continued from episode 33.

“Quick! Get my car keys” Omnipresent shouted to Jeff, “we must move really fast”,
“There’s no need for that” Aunty Fanny interrupted, “my driver is here with me”
“But you were asked to come alone” Omnipresent replied looking surprised “and besides, I didn’t notice any car parked outside”
“That’s because he’s parked few blocks down the road and you should know me better than that” she said giving Jeff a knowing look, “there was no way I was coming down here all by myself, not when the caller’s name in question was Omnipresent” she added jokingly as they hurriedly made their way out of the house.
When they were finally in the car, Aunty Fanny looked down at her watch, it was already a half past four, “there’s definitely no way we’re going to make it to the airport before her flight leaves” she blurted out, “I’m going to have to call the Inspector General to stop her for us.
“Do you think he’d believe your story?” Jeff asked looking distraught, “he has no choice” Aunty Fanny replied bringing her phone out of her bag and dialing his number.
“Hello IG” she said when he picked up the call, “I have a situation on my hand and I’m going to need your help to resolve it”
“What situation might that be ma?” the IG asked, “My nephew’s wife Lara is on her way out of the country with his daughter, her flight is leaving in exactly an hour and thirty minutes and I need you to stop her now.”
“Is she not the mother of the child in question?” the IG asked, “yes she is” Aunty Fanny responded, “so why do you want to stop her from traveling with her own child?” he asked, “I’m not stopping her from traveling with her child, I’m preventing her from leaving the country” Aunty Fanny explained, “she committed murder and is now trying to escape”
“Murder? Who did she kill?” the IG asked, “I’m not aware that any new case of murder has been reported”
“She’s responsible for Mr. Balogun’s death” Aunty Fanny said, “but we already wrapped up that case, he was killed by his sister-in-law”
“You arrested her wrongly, that girl is innocent; the real murderer is Lara” Aunty Fanny argued, “How can you prove that?” the IG asked, “I have a witness to the murder sitting right here with me” Aunty Fanny responded, “but how do we know the person isn’t lying?” the IG asked, “you’ll understand better when you see him” Aunty Fanny replied, “please just do this one favour for me, I promise you won’t regret it” Aunty Fanny reassured him hanging up the phone.
“Do you think he will help” Jeff asked looking concerned, “I’m sure he will” Aunty Fanny affirmed, “I just hope he acts swiftly.”


Lara arrived at the airport at exactly 5pm with Jojo, she was fully packed and ready to be away for a long time. Her travel documents were complete and she had enough money to last her for a while.
With only about 30 minutes left to check in for her flight, she hurriedly moved to the check in desk with Jojo, “Good evening ma’am, where are you flying to this evening?” the lady at the check-in desk asked with a smile on her face, “I’m going to Ghana” Lara replied handing over her ticket and passport for the lady to check, she couldn’t wait to get out of the country and leave her ugly past behind.
“Oh! Your flight is scheduled to leave at 6pm?!” the lady exclaimed, “you had better be on your way to security and immigration so you don’t miss it. There’s quite a queue there today” she said pointing towards security where there was a very long queue of passengers waiting to be screened.
“Gosh! could this get any worse?” Lara mumbled to herself putting her documents away and rushing to join the queue with Jojo.
She impatiently waited for her turn on the queue, it seemed to take forever for it to come.
Finally, after a 30-minute wait it was her turn. She hurriedly put her belongings on the conveyor belt for the scanning machine and walked through the scanner with Jojo.
The boarding announcement for her flight had already been made and she was still yet to pass through immigration.
Slowly but surely, 15 minutes later, she made her way there with Jojo, but as soon as the immigration officer took a look at her passport, he took a second look at her and asked her to step aside.
“Step aside? is there a problem” Lara asked looking confused, “no there is no problem, just wait there first, let me finish attending to these people”
“Which people?” Lara asked, “people that are standing behind me on the queue? Are you kidding me?” She said starting to get angry, “madam please no time for long story, just step aside,” the immigration officer replied, “Mr. man, my flight leaves in 15 minutes, boarding started over 25 minutes ago” Lara argued, “I don’t have time to waste”
“Which flight?” the immigration officer asked, “are you the only one flying here?”
“What is this nonsense?” Lara said starting to raise her voice, the other passengers were already turning to look in her direction to see what was going on.
The immigration officer picked his phone while she was still shouting and dialed a number, “The suspect has arrived” he whispered, “send them down now.”
“This is a last call for boarding for passenger Lara Balogun on Akosombo Air flight247 to Accra” a voice called out from the public address system, “Oho! You see!” Lara shouted, “that is my name they are announcing, or can’t you hear? This is the second time now” Lara shouted angrily at the officer, “there are many Laras in this airport, you’re not the only one with that name” the immigration officer replied turning up his nose, “you know what? I’ve had enough of this nonsense, I’m not going to miss my flight because of a madman like you” she said snatching her passports from the desk and pushing her way through to the boarding gates.
“Not so fast!” a voice shouted from behind, she looked back to see two police officers coming towards her, “thank God you’re here” she shouted, “that stupid man has been harassing me” she said pointing at the immigration officer as she walked away while another one of the police officers ran to catch up with her, “stop right there” he said holding her firmly by the wrists, “you’re under arrest!”
“For what?” Lara asked looking confused, “For the murder of Mr. Balogun” the police officer responded, “are you trying to say I killed my own husband?” Lara argued,
“Yes that is exactly what he is trying to say” a familiar female voice responded from behind them, it was Aunty Fanny, “what is she doing here? Lara thought, “what is going on?”
“Your game is up” Aunty Fanny shouted pulling Jeff behind her, “My nephew is not dead.”
“Oh my Gosh! ” Lara screamed, almost dropping Jojo when she saw Jeff, “he’s dead, I saw his body myself” Lara screamed shaking, “you wanted him dead but YOU FAILED” Aunty Fanny shouted as the police officers put Lara’s hands in handcuffs.
An hour later, they were all at the station with Jojo, Jeff had narrated his story to everyone and Lola had now been released.
Lara was sitting on the chair in the interrogation table crying with hand cuffs on her hand.
“Why did you do it?” Jeff asked with tears rolling down his eyes, “you know how much I love you. I trusted you so much with my life, I could’ve sworn you’d rather die than kill me” Jeff said.
“What do you know about love?” Lara whispered between sobs, “you slept with my only sister while I was busy working day and night to feed you both and you’re standing there talking about love” Lara replied, “all these would never have happened in the first place if you had just controlled your lustful desires” Lara replied.
“But that was not an excuse to attempt to kill him” Aunty Fanny interrupted.
“it’s easy for you to stand there and judge” Lara responded, “only a woman who has truly walked in my shoes would understand what it means to be betrayed by the only two people you ever trusted. I hate you both” Lara sobbed, “I regret ever knowing you both” she spat at Jeff and Lola as the police officers came and took her away…

“I think there are many lessons to be learnt from this” Aunty Fanny announced as Lara was being taken away, “Men need to stop cheating on their wives and taking them for granted, it is not every woman that knows how to handle betrayal. Women on the other hand, need to learn to control their emotions and be more forgiving of their husbands’ short comings. Holding on to hurt and anger doesn’t hurt the other person, it only hurts you; It’s like holding a burning piece of coal in your hand and expecting the other person to feel the pain” Aunty Fanny explained, “Lara let her anger eat her up and it only led to her destruction.”
Before, I forget” she continued, “married couples must not allow third parties in their homes, either as friends or family, Lola in this case was the third party that destroyed your home” Aunty Fanny added.
“I hope you and Lara can find it in your heart to forgive each other when and if she ever gets out of prison.” Aunty Fanny said turning to face Jeff.
“As for you Lola, from now on, you will stay with me. Leave your sister’s husband alone, he doesn’t belong to you…” Aunty Fanny advised.


Hope you enjoyed the series, check back 1st April for another exciting new series

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