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9 Guaranteed ways to prevent razor bumps




Razor bumps and ingrown hairs (hairs that curl and grow back into your skin instead of rising up) are very common problems experienced by men who shave. A lot of men find it a bit of a challenge to keep their chin and neck smooth like other parts of their face.

The not so recent trend for men is to groom their beards; nevertheless there is still a vast majority of men who prefer the shaven look to the bearded look.

The following tips should help with creating and maintaining smooth skin:

  • If your skin is dry, itchy or red, take a few days off so your skin can heal before another shave. Shaving while your skin is not in a so good condition would only worsen the pain and appearance of your skin
  • Always wash your face and neck or any other area with warm water, and massage some shaving cream and let it sit for some minutes before you shave. Warm water would soften your hair and skin and help reduce the friction of the blade. Shaving when your skin is dry would inevitably lead to razor bumps, irritations and ingrown hairs
  • If you have thick curly hair, shave only with a single-bladed razor
  • Frequently replace your razor. Once your razor tugs at your skin while shaving, it means you need to get a new one
  • Always shave in the same direction your hair grows and avoid shaving too closely. This would help prevent ingrown hairs
  • Be gentle while you shave. Applying too much pressure while you shave would lead to skin irritation
  • Rinse the blade with water after each stroke to clear away hairs and cream stuck on the blade. This would prevent nicks on your skin
  • Clean your face and neck with water or apply a cool wash cloth to your skin
  • Apply a good moisturizer on your skin once you’re done


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