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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Which breastfeeding position is most suitable for you and your baby? Find out here (pictures included)




Breastfeeding is a natural act but one which requires practice and patience. For new mothers, breastfeeding can be quite a challenge, but with time, a mother is able to find breastfeeding easier and a lot more convenient.

The positioning of a baby during breastfeeding affects feeding experience, including how much milk a baby is able to feed on from her mother’s breast. There are different feeding positions and techniques a nursing mother could explore until she finds a suitable and comfortable one for her baby and herself.

The way a woman positions her baby during breastfeeding does not only have an impact on her baby, it also has some impact on her as well. Proper positioning is essential in helping the baby latch on properly and as well as preventing mastitis (an inflammation of the breast tissue), nipple soreness and other breastfeeding problems mothers face.

These are five common breastfeeding positions:

  1. The cradle position

This is most suitable for babies who are one month or older because they have a stronger neck muscles and it would be easier for a mother to guide her nipples to her newborn’s mouth. This position may not be quite comfortable for mothers who had cesarean delivery because it might put much pressure on their abdomen.

  1. The cross cradle position

Also known as the cross-over position, this position works well for smaller babies and for babies who cannot latch on the breast properly.

  1. The football position

This position works best for women who had cesarean delivery because no pressure is applied to the abdomen. Women with large breasts or flat nipples would also find this position comfortable.  It is also suitable for smaller babies and babies experiencing difficulties latching on the breast.

  1. Side-lying position

This position is suitable for women who had difficult delivery or a cesarean section. It is also suitable for night feeding or when nursing in bed.

  1. Laid-back position

Also called biological nurturing, most mothers find this position very comfortable. The position is especially helpful in starting breastfeeding; it ensures that the baby takes in the breast deeply.

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