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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

5 signs your baby is not latched on properly and how to breastfeed the right way




Breastfeeding is not as simple as most people think; it requires more than simply guiding the nipple inside a baby’s mouth; it is that and much more. If you are a mother and have been experiencing difficulties with getting your baby to latch on properly, you are not alone.

Latching on is simply the way your baby takes in your nipple and areola into her mouth to suckle. Proper latching on ensures that your baby gets all the milk she needs. Without it, your baby would not be able to draw out enough milk from your breasts and your body would in turn produce less milk. This is because your body produces milk on demand; the more your baby sucks, the more milk is produced. This makes latching on the most important aspect of breastfeeding.

A lot of women, especially new mothers encounter challenges with nursing their baby. When a baby is not properly latched on and is not sucking correctly, certain signs can be seen. These are some of the signs that your baby is not latched on correctly:

  • Your baby’s cheeks cave in at the middle during sucking. When you see a dimple while your baby is sucking, it is a sign that the baby has a poor seal on the breast
  • Your nipples are cracked and sore,  you also feel pain in one or both breasts. Nipple soreness is not normal, when pain is present it is because your baby is chewing on your nipple
  • Milk is leaking from the corner of your baby’s mouth
  • You can see the base of your nipple and your areola is out. The nipple and areola are to be inside your baby’s mouth. Although milk comes out of the tiny openings in the nipples, the areola is to be compressed before the milk can flow
  • You hear clicking sounds which indicates that the baby’s tongue is not properly positioned and the baby is only sucking the nipple

Now that you know the signs of a poor latch on, how do you ensure that your baby is properly latched on and sucking correctly? This video would show you how:

Video Source: You tube, Fit Pregnancy

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