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Is a high-protein diet for weight loss really good for you? Find out here




If you are trying to lose weight, you must have gathered quite a number of information on the things you need to do to achieve your goal.

Information on how to lose weight is readily available today. If however, your goal is to lose weight the healthy way (which should be the case), then, not all of this information are helpful.

Diet recommendations are usually made for people who desire to lose weight and one of the very common ones is eating a diet high in protein with little or no carbohydrate.

You most likely have heard that following a strict diet high in protein would help with weight loss. While this might help you lose weight, it may come with a great price tag – exposing you to serious health problems.

If you are considering following this diet recommendation, or you have already, you should reconsider. Here is why you should:

  • High-protein diets restrict the intake of carbohydrate so much that it can result in nutritional deficiencies
  • Some protein sources like fatty meats, milk and other high fatty foods can increase the level of cholesterol in the body. High levels of cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease
  • The diet leads to insufficient fibre in the body. This can cause problems like bad breath, constipation and headache
  • A high-protein diet makes a person urinate more calcium than normal. Low levels of calcium in the body can lead to osteoporosis and kidney stones
  • It puts too much strain on the kidneys therefore increasing the likelihood of kidney disease or kidney failure
  • It may lead to a worsened condition of the kidneys in people who have kidney problems

Following a strict weight-loss diet is usually not beneficial in the long run. These diets can be very hard to sustain for long periods of time.

In the end, most people go back to their previous eating habit. There’s also a likelihood of weighing more than previously.

Any weight-loss diet that advocates a total elimination of any of the six classes of food, or excessive intake of any class of food would most likely do you more harm than good.

To lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat a healthy balanced diet (including fats and carbohydrates) and exercise regularly.

Certainly, this is practicable for as long as you live, and your health will definitely thrive with it.







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Mofeyintioluwa is a health enthusiast who has particular interests in nutrition and fitness. She also loves music and enjoys reading Christian biographies. She thinks social work and public health are noble professions. Ultimately, she's exclusively for Jesus.