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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

REVEALED! 5 effective ways to boost breast milk supply




Low milk supply is a common problem breastfeeding mothers face. When a woman has low milk supply, it means that the amount of milk her body produces is less than what her baby needs.

There are a number of factors that could cause low milk supply. Once a woman identifies that her body is not making enough milk for her baby, there are things she can do to boost her milk supply.

Here are some of them:

  • Regular feeding

Frequent feeding would ensure that a woman’s breasts are stimulated to produce more milk. Once a baby latches on, the body receives signal to produce more milk in response to the baby’s demand. A woman should however ensure that both breasts are offered to her baby during feeding

  • Effective latch-on

When a baby is not properly latched on her mother’s breast, there is likelihood that the baby would not be able to draw enough milk from the breast. A good latch-on would, on the other hand, ensure that a baby is getting enough milk. This would also lead to more milk production

  • Avoiding formulas

If a doctor has not recommended formula or supplements for a baby, it is best to breastfeed exclusively. Giving a baby only breast milk would serve as a stimulant for the breast to produce more milk

  • Pumping

Breast pumping can be very helpful and especially important when a baby is not getting enough milk as he/she should. Pumping should be done after or between nursing. As more milk is removed from the breast, this will speed up the production of milk

It is also important for a woman to consult with her doctor who would provide her with useful information.

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