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Men's sexual health

MUST READ: 3 Most controversial questions about s£x answered




While it appears that most people know a lot already about issues relating to sex, there are still quite a number of things that a lot of people are curious about.

In our society, issues relating to sex are not openly talked about. Even for persons experiencing sexual difficulty, there’s a lot of reluctance on their part to talk about their sexual problems.

Sexuality cannot be separated from humans. This is because humans are by their very nature sexual beings. This fact makes it necessary to have a healthy perspective about sex.

If you are experiencing any sexual health problem, see your doctor. Sexual health problems are nothing to be ashamed about neither are they a secret to be concealed.

Here are three of the most frequently asked questions about sex. Hopefully you would find the answers provided helpful.

  • Does frequent sex cause backaches? You most likely have heard that if a man engages in frequent sexual intercourse, his back would suffer it. In actual fact, sexual intercourse does not cause backache. If however a man is suffering from lower back pain, the pain could worsen while having sex in a certain position. This could also apply to women
  • Does male circumcision affect sexual performance and satisfaction? Male circumcision does not reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Therefore an uncircumcised man would find sex as pleasurable as a man who is circumcised. Male circumcision also does not affect sexual performance
  • Is it true that a circumcised female is unable to enjoy sex and have orgasm during sexual intercourse? The inability to have orgasm is a problem that affects a lot of women, whether they are circumcised or not. Nevertheless, women who are circumcised are more likely to experience this problem than uncircumcised woman. In reality, the ability of a woman to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse is dependent on a number of factors. It is very possible for a circumcised woman to enjoy sex




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