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5 signs that you are eating much more salt than your body needs




Salt is an essential ingredient in almost all meals. Without including salt while preparing your food, it might not turn out as savory and tasty as it should be.

The use of salt does go beyond adding flavor to meals. Salt is also often used for food preservation and for healing purposes. No doubt, salt is a necessity.

While the importance of salt cannot be disputed, yet, experts continue to advocate for its sparing use. Several studies have shown an association between high salt intake and a number of serious diseases including hypertension and stroke.

You most likely consume more salt than you should daily and you would also definitely benefit from reducing your salt intake.

Reducing the amount of salt you add to your food during preparation would go a long way but also would cutting back on your intake of processed and packaged foods.

Bread, popcorn, snacks, canned foods and other processed foods contain a lot of salt and you should not indulge yourself with them.

These foods do not only contain high amounts of salt, they are also not very nutritious and healthy for you.

Knowing when you body has had too much salt than it can bear is not so difficult; there are usually signs that you are eating too much salt.

When these signs begin to show up, you should act. Of course, you do not have to wait for them before you start to cut back on the salt. Here are some of the signs:

  • You feel thirsty almost all the time. When you eat foods high in sodium, your body would demand more fluid than it normally would. This is because too much salt disrupts the balance of fluid in the body
  • You feel bloated or you notice some parts of your body are swollen
  • You have cravings for salty foods
  • Normal foods tastes bland to you and you constantly have to add more salt to already prepared foods
  • You have frequent mild headaches

It is however important to note that these signs could also be an indication of some medical problems. They are therefore enough reason for you to see your doctor.


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